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Everything for the Morse Enthusiast Spring 2010 by Milestone Technologies

Catalog: Everything for the Morse Enthusiast Spring 2010
Company/Brand: Milestone Technologies

keyer paddles in Everything for the Morse Enthusiast Spring 2010 by Milestone Technologies

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morse keys paddles and bugs toshihiko ujiie makes an ... amazing line of keys bugs and paddles all ghd instruments are highly refined ... 269.95 gh-gk607a paddle electronic keyer 389.95 gt501a see also the e-bug ... keyer and mtu morse training unit on page 9 ...
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morse keys paddles and bugs scheunemann morsetasten made ... cable are supplied the code cube keyer is a powerful memory keyer module that ... $5.50 pr-pc replacement cable for palm paddles $6.75 pr-ccb/g black or gray code cube ... keyer $89.95 pr-p817 pr-ccs code cube solo $ ... 99.95 pr-ccir code cube keyer with ir link $109.95 pr-ppk palm ...
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morse keys paddles and bugs wm m nye company inc bill nye ... 9vdc battery ka-ek130 electronic keyer $159.95 6-50wpm keyer with speed meter ... or iambic runs on ac or dc ka-ek160 keyer/paddle $239.95 6-50wpm keyer with speed ...
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morse keys paddles and bugs junker keys german military ... $69.95 pl-k4 electroinstrument key-8 keyer/paddle the key-8 paddle-keyer is a ... are limited the built-in electronic keyer is not iambic but instructions for ... connection is availabloe ei-key8 key-8 keyer paddle 139.95 din cable 5 pin 4 active ...
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electronic keyers jackson harbor keyer kits the new island keyer ii has 56 ... mx-804 5.95 the pk-4ssr mini-memory keyer has speed control via pot and many ... h591 4.95 jh-pk4 pk-basic simple iambic keyer ic and manual 6.50 island memory ii add ... 4 message memories to any electronic keyer jh-im2 22.95 ghd e-bug memory keyers ... morse training unit it s a practice keyer with memory for use with a paddle ... output gh-gr301a 109.95 idiom press keyers and kits from idiom press the famous ... logikey k-5 keyer and cmos super keyer iii kit generally regarded as the keyer ... features 13 inquiry functions the keyer will report id-lk5 the settings and 11 ... be placed in stored message text this keyer does it all super keyer iii board kit ...
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