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24 volt dc to 12 volt dc 3 amp millermatic 140 auto set welding machine millermatic 212 auto set air compressor ingersoll rand rotary screw air compressor oil 12 volt dc motor 12 hp 12 volt high torque motor 12 hp 220 volt ac to 12 volt dc 120 volt ac to 15 volt dc 10 50 amp power cord and plug miller r f 10 remote current control rotary compressor air compressor intake manifold heater pipe kohler engine hour meter vdc 230 vac 12 vdc water cooled package unit air cooled package ac 110 vac 100 duty cycle momentary contact switch dc volt amp meter timed polarity reverse switch 24 volt battery charger plug 110 lb 330 lb build your own cart gasoline engine tune up cycle 24 volt dc battery charger plug 16 gauge solid mild steel wire 120 volt dc power cord 12 volt dc amp meter wireless remote controlled switches 12 vdc build your own inverter two stage trigger dc 12 volt digital amp meter dc 12 volt panel mount amp meter 8 pin plug connector hard drive power tool 24 volt battery dc 12 volt 50 amp meter low oil pressure flow switch 15 amp 250 volt duplex receptacle build your own amp controller b m low profile blower 12 volt dc 12 amp power cord 10 pin interconnect cable meter for 24 volt battery automatic belt tension tool 318 oil pumps low oil pressure 25 volt 75 amp meter truck tool box cylinder 305 sheet metal working 4 core motor control cable for 36 volt motors 36 mm x 36 mm x 16 mm fan low oil pressure shut off a standard feature to stainless steel wire for elevators build your own mm 16 12 volts dc high torque motor

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help me choose millerwelds.com if you re not familiar with welding basics the following information can make choosing a machine easier for interactive highly informative assistance go to millerwelds.com 1 pick your welding or cutting process resistance spot cac-a ac select the process that matches the metals you want to weld or cut metal type steel stainless steel nickel alloys aluminum cast iron copper brass titanium magnesium alloys all electrically conductive skill level stick mig fcaw saw ac-tig dc-tig cac-a dc plasma moderate low low moderate high high low moderate moderate low key recommended welding process cutting process 2 understand process advantages unfortunately there is no single welding or cutting process suitable for all applications for this reason it is necessary to consider the advantages of one process over another welding process stick smaw better suited for windy outdoor conditions more forgiving when welding on dirty or rusty metal mig gmaw easiest process to

mig gmaw aluminum millerwelds.com choose the right industrial aluminum mig solution miller recommends aluminum wire see pg 100 millermatic 350p aluminum system shown with xr-aluma-pro gun pg 12 alumafeed synergic aluminum system shown with xr-aluma-pro gun pg 13 invision mpa plus system shown with dual feeder stationary package pg 18 millermatic® 350p cost-effective light-industrial all-in-one mig/pulsed mig solution with easy-to-use interface for aluminum and steel wire welding on material up to 1/2-in thick features built-in running gear for mobility power source feeder input voltage rated output primary connection millermatic 350p all-in-one all-in-one add optional millermatic reach to create dual-wire feeder pg 10 1 or 3-phase 300 a at 60 duty cycle auto-link® automatically links the power source to primary voltage being applied auto-link is used to link to 208 or 230 v and manually moving a link board is required to link to 460 v .035 ­ 3/64 in 0.9 ­1.2 mm

wire feeders millerwelds.com wirefeeders product guide millermatic® reach mig section suitcase® 8rc suitcase® 12rc flux cored portable power source required mig-p wire types flux core flux core dual shld self shld hard alum page class mig wire diameters .023 ­ .052 in 0.6 ­ 1.3 mm special features portable self-enclosed case designed exclusively for millermatics typical applications metal fab maintenance/repair farm/home construction field maintenance site fabrication manufacturing fabrication manufacturing fabrication heavy and light manufacturing fabrication manufacturing requiring multiple wire types heavy and light manufacturing fabrication shipbuilding construction site fabrication shipbuilding construction site fabrication light-duty aluminum fabrication light-duty aluminum fabrication aluminum fabrication heavy aluminum fabrication heavy aluminum fabrication all aluminum fabrication needs all aluminum fabrication needs heavy aluminum fabrication 10 26 26 30 30 30 cv cv cv

stick smaw millerwelds.com thunderbolt xl ® model thunderbolt xl 225 ac csa thunderbolt xl 225 ac/150 dc csa stock number 903 641 230 v 50/60 hz 903 642 230 v 50/60 hz welding amperage ranges ac 30 ­235 ac 30 ­235 dc 30 ­160 225 ac and 225 ac/150 dc see literature no ac/2.0 for ac model and ad/8.0 for ac/dc model · output selector switch on ac/dc units · certified by canadian standards association to both the canadian and u.s standards rated output at 100 duty cycle ac 100 a ac 100 a dc 65 a amps input at rated output 220 v 230 v 47.5 47.5 light industrial 225 ac model is ac only economical stick machines with precise dependable control tm thunderbolt · accu-set amperage indicator · unit allows higher duty cycle when xl 225 ac amperage decreases shown process · stick smaw comes complete with · 15 ft 4.5 m no 4 electrode cable with heavy-duty electrode holder · 10 ft 3 m work cable with clamp · power cord with plug see distributor for miller accessories · infinite

tig gtaw ac/dc millerwelds.com ® syncrowave series squarewave output with ac balance control features adjustable penetration and cleaning action while increasing arc stability on various aluminum alloys and helps eliminate tungsten spitting and arc rectification processes · tig gtaw · stick smaw · pulsed tig gtaw-p optional on 250 dx · air carbon arc cac-a 120 v auxiliary power receptacle for cooling system or small tools syncro start tm technology for customized arc starts allows for more precise arc starts and fine-tuning based on tungsten diameter and material thickness hf arc starting provides non-contact arc starting that eliminates tungsten or material contamination dual digital meters allow for quick and easy viewing of actual and preset values of amperage and voltage the world s first and most reliable conventional squarewave tig power source ® syncrowave 200 syncrowave 200 runner shown ac/dc tig and stick see literature no ad/4.4 cable management system uses dual cable

multiprocess tm pipe fabrication millerwelds.com see literature no pws/2.0 heavy industrial processes · stick smaw · dc tig gtaw hf and lift-arctm · mig gmaw · mig rmdtm gmaw msc · pro-pulsetm gmaw-p · flux cored fcaw pipeworx welding system optimized for pipe fabrication shops pipeworx welding system includes feeder drive rolls filler metal sold separately 230/460 v system 951 381 shown 575 v system 951 382 also available simple process setup · the front panel was designed by welders for welders · requires just a few basic steps to set up a new weld process resulting in less training time and minimizing errors from incorrect setups · memory feature stores 4 programs for each selection stick dc tig and mig left and right side of feeder eliminates the need to remember parameters pipeworx welding system comes complete with · power source with cable hangers #907 382 or #907 384 · running gear and handles #300 368 · dual feeder with drive rolls #300 366 · cable kit with

engine-driven millerwelds.com trailblazer 302 275 dc ® gas lp or diesel see literature no ed/4.77 heavy industrial processes · ac1/dc stick smaw · mig gmaw2 2 · flux cored fcaw 3 4 · ac /dc tig gtaw · air carbon arc cutting and gouging cac-a rated 3/16 in carbons capable 1/4 in carbons 302 model only with wire feeder 3both models with dynasty 200 ® series or 302 model with hf-251 4two-piece tig torch recommended 1 2 high output unbeatable arc performance and the independent weld and generator system make these engine drives perfect for construction fabrication and maintenance/repair operations electronic fuel injection efi benefits vs carburetor models · 12 to 27 better fuel economy · reduced emissions 33 lower hc+nox levels and 27 lower co epa 1000 hour certification · easy starting in all climates with no choke required · elimination of carburetor icing · better high-altitude performance electric fuel pump is recommended · 12,000 watts of generator power gasoline/lp

plasma cutters scan this tag to see videos on spectrum plasma cutters get the free mobile app at http gettag.mobi see page 2/3 for more information millerwelds.com plasmacutters product guide spectrum® 375 rated output duty cycle 12 a at 35 27 a at 35 27 a at 35 40 a at 50 60 a at 50 208 60 a at 40 230 ­ 380 v 60 a at 50 380 ­ 575 v 60 a at 60 rated cutting thicknesses mild stainless steel steel aluminum 1/8 in 3/8 in 3/8 in 5/8 in 7/8 in 7/8 in 1/8 in 3/8 in 3/8 in 1/2 in 7/8 in 7/8 in 1/16 in 1/4 in 1/4 in 3/8 in 5/8 in 5/8 in page class gouging piercing special features built-in air compressor 115/230 v dual input voltage auto-linetm 115 ­ 230 v mvptm plugs only 18 lb auto-refiretm automatic air regulation only 21 lb auto-refiretm automatic air regulation only 52 lb auto-linetm 208 ­ 575 v auto-refiretm automatic air regulation typical applications hvac hobbyist auto body plumbing hobbyist auto restoration fabrication hvac maintenance construction maintenance light

welding protection millerwelds.com hand and body industrial gloves see size chart available 1st quarter available 1st quarter available 1st quarter available 1st quarter hd mig/stick · premium side split cowhide for extreme durability · aluminized insulation reflects radiant heat mig · exclusive pre-curved form-fitting pattern conforms to the natural shape of the hand · moisture-wicking cotton fleece lining for additional protection mig long cuff · extra long 9-in cuff for additional protection · fully welted seams for extended life tig · unlined pigskin leather palm provides superior dexterity · reinforced palm patch for added comfort industrial welding apparel 1 2 4 6 7 9 3 8 tm apparel 10 classic cloth apparel · 9 oz flame-resistant navy cotton · pre-shrunk fabric · finished hems and reinforced stitching 5 · 7 oz weldx provides extreme flame-resistant properties and repels sparks spatter and molten metals · machine washable pre-shrunk fabric · chromium free ·

accessories remote controls see also tig accessories remote controls on page 95 prhc-14 hand control #195 511 for all solid-state power sources after serial number jk674521 complete current or voltage control brings 120 volts gfci power to work area in a single cord housed in a durable light aluminum case and includes 125 ft 38 m cord with plugs remote on/off control #242 197 025 for deltawelds gold stars and dimensions allows you to turn your power source on or off from a distance of 25 ft 7.6 m this is especially useful if power source is up in a mezzanine rhc-3 remote hand amperage control millerwelds.com wire reel #108 008 for 60 lb 27 kg coil of wire requires spool support assembly 119 438 wire straightener #199 733 for rad-400 or rad-780 wire drive assembly for wires 1/16 ­ 7/32 in 1.6 ­ 5.6 mm torch contact tips obt 600 obt 1200 #192 700 #192 141 #192 701 #199 026 #192 702 #192 142 #192 703 #200 771 #192 704 #192 143 #192 705 #192 144 #192 706 #192 136 #192 707 #200 756

contents what s new 3 help me choose 4 mig gmaw power sources 6 automated mfg systems 22 wire feeders 24 stick smaw power sources 33 tig gtaw power sources 37 wireless remotes 46 multiprocess power sources 48 multioperator power sources 55 engine-driven welder/generators 58 spot welders 72 submerged arc 73 plasma cutters 74 welding workstations 78 fume extraction 80 welding protection 82 accessories 86 miller recommended brands 97 the industry s most valuable welding resources millerwelds.com in addition to information on our complete line of products here are just a few ways millerwelds.com can enrich your welding experience pro and diy enewsletters news tailored specifically for the professional and diy welder technical articles and industries interests pages content focused on your area of interest or profession the project idea gallery more than 1500 photos to spark your imagination mte glossary a complete listing of miller technology exclusives along with welding terms at