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calendar for 2004–05 august 20 august 21 august 21–23 august 23–24 august 23 august 24 august 26 september 2 october 15 october 15 october 20 october 21 november 5 november 8– 11 november 24 november 28 december 3 december 6,7 december 8 december 9–11 december 12 december 14 december 22– 31 january 9 january 10 january 10 january 20 february 24 february 25 march 17 march 18 march 25 march 27 march 28–april 7 march 31 april 11–14 april 21 april 22 april 25 26 april 27 april 28–30 may 2 may 4 may 6 may 7 may 30 formal academic occasion first semester fall conference for faculty residence halls open at 9 a.m for new students orientation for new students registration for class changes evening classes begin all day classes meet according to tuesday schedule all evening classes meet according to tuesday schedule opening convocation last day for schedule changes without grade mid semester grades due mid semester holidays begin

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • william george peek endowed scholarship randolph peets sr endowed scholarship edward j pendergrass scholarship warren and lanita pittman servant leadership scholarship c eugene cain pmtc endowed scholarship emily j pointer sponsored scholarship j b price endowed scholarship lillian emily benson priddy endowed scholarship kelly mouzon pylant memorial scholarship t w rankin ford fellowship lois p reed endowed m.b.a scholarship jane bridges renka endowed scholarship reynolds family sponsored scholarship r s ricketts endowed scholarship ridgway

to qualify for graduation from millsaps 32 of the last 40 semester hours of academic work must be done in residence as a degree-seeking student an exception to this rule is the pre-engineering dual-degree program in which students may transfer back the equivalent of 32 semester hours additional requirements for the bachelor of arts degree proficiency at the intermediate level of an ancient or modern foreign language as demonstrated by completion of a 2000 course taken at millsaps or the equivalent the number of hours required to complete this requirement will vary from 0– 12 depending upon language placement additional requirements for the bachelor of science degree students must complete analytic geometry and calculus i students must complete four courses ordinarily 16 semester hours in at least three disciplines chosen from the following list at least two courses must be laboratory courses students may select four courses from group i or three courses from group i and one

graduation with honors a student who successfully completes the honors program in a selected field of study which need not be in the student’s major receives the designation with honors in that field at graduation a degree-seeking student with junior standing and a 3.30 grade point average may apply to a faculty member for permission to undertake an honors project in the fall semester of the junior year the student submits an honors project agreement to the honors program director upon approval of the director the student enrolls for the spring semester in a directed study course honors research i for the fall semester of the senior year the student enrolls in honors research ii but completes the bulk of the work before that time in order to be able to defend the thesis to the student’s defense committee in the fall a letter grade is assigned for each of these two courses for the spring semester of the senior year the student enrolls in the honors colloquium designed to

2440–2450 interdisciplinary studies in literature 4 sem hours courses in this category cross disciplinary boundaries and are cross-listed with another department possibilities include literature and history literature and art literature and philosophy or literature and religion offered occasionally 3750 special topics in literature and culture 4 sem hours the specific content will vary but this course will consider the interplay of texts and their cultural or multicultural contexts the course may focus on such topics as new literature in english or on literature and popular culture in victorian england offered occasionally writing 2400 introduction to creative writing 4 sem hours students will study the forms techniques and processes of fiction poetry or script writing by reading models and by practicing their own writing students will discuss their own writing in the context of readings from traditional and contemporary works the specific focus of the course will vary from

1000 problems of philosophy 4 sem hours an introductory course on the classic problems and methods of philosophy topics may include logic critical thinking the existence of god the basis of knowledge human nature the mind/body problem free will ethics the meaning of life and some applied ethical problems offered occasionally 2000 ways of knowi ng 4 sem hours an introduction to theories of knowledge from a variety of philosophical traditions including mysticism empiricism rationalism pragmatism and feminism offered occasionally 2010 social and political philosophy 4 sem hours an inquiry into the basic principles of social and political organization with special emphasis on the concepts of government justice punishment family property work and peace this course is the same as political science 2500 offered occasionally 2120 ethics theories and applications 4 sem hours an introductory course on morality including topics in metaethics such as the definition of good and evil the source

2100 deaf culture/american sign language 4 sem hours a study of the deaf community and beginning american sign language asl skills the course introduces students to various sign methods the linguistic structure of asl the experience of deaf people throughout history and the impact and importance of asl and deaf culture 3100 early literacy instruction 4 sem hours concepts materials and teaching strategies for oral language development and systematic early reading and writing instruction specific to vocabulary fluency and comprehension 3110 performance assessment in content area reading 4 sem hours a study of the concepts and statistical methods used in the assessment of learning including the construction and use of classroom assessment instruments standardized tests of intelligence and achievement and the use of statistics in the assessment of student learning and data analysis for informed decision making national professional standards provide the framework for program assessment

2100 methods and statistics 4 sem hours a critical introduction to issues in research design types of data analysis and collection covered include fieldwork interviewing coding qualitative data survey design/execution/analysis and statistical analysis of numeric/coded data attention is also given to what inferences can legitimately be made from data 2130 marriage and family 4 sem hours the anthropological and sociological study of human families from a crosscultural perspective examines the origin of the human family and the nature of family life in a number of non-western societies and in the united states 2200 sociology of human interaction 4 sem hours an examination of human behavior from a social interactionist perspective the course focuses on an examination of how social norms institutions race class and gender structure social interaction prerequisite sophomore standing or permission of the instructor 2210 archaeological method and theory 4 sem hours an introduction to the

• • • • • introduction to management principles of corporate finance general elective general elective total sem hrs — 16 • spring semester • fundamentals of marketing • operations management • general or else school elective • general or else school elective • total sem hrs — 16 • senior year • fall semster • legal environment of business • general or else school elective • general or else school elective • general or else school elective • total sem hrs — 16 • spring semester • business strategy core 10 • general or else school elective • general or else school elective • general or else school elective • total sem hrs — 16 suggested curriculum for b.b.a in accounting since the freshman and sophomore year courses are common to both business administration and accounting major b.b.a students the following table

david h culpepper 1984 professor of accounting b.s belhaven college b.s m.b.a millsaps college ph.d university of alabama gayla f dance 1989 assistant professor of mathematics b.a university of texas m.ed texas a m university m.s mississippi college david c davis 1988 associate professor of history b.a william carey college m.a baylor university ph.d northwestern university m blakely fox fender 2000 assistant professor of economics b.a millsaps college m.s ph.d university of texas at austin priscilla m fermon 1983 associate professor of french b.a lehman college m.a harvard university ph.d university of virginia ramon a figueroa 2002 assistant professor of spanish b.a university of massachusetts m.a ph.d university of minnesota harvey l fiser 2003 assistant professor of business law b.a mississippi state university j.d mississippi college school of law amy w forbes 2001 assistant professor of history b.a louisiana state university m.ed m.a university of georgia

cynthia strine b.s m.s.e 1998 director of campus recreation sherryl elizabeth wilburn b.l.s 1992 director of multicultural affairs and services for students with disabilities martha lee 1985 event scheduling coordinator stan magee b.a 1994 director of publications woody woodrick b.a 2001 publications assistant betty hulsey a.a 1999 administrative assistant margaret “gretchen” blackston r.n 2002 coordinator for health services jason j linsenmeyer b.s 2003 assistant director of campus recreation j kendrick schetter b.s m.s 2003 assistant director of residence life and student involvement vicki mcdonald 1994 student employment coordinator janet langley b.a m.l.s 1991 director of academic support services martha johnston b.s 2002 administrative assistant brooks brower b.a m.a 2003 assistant director of residence life for first-year experiences tonya craft b.s m.s 2004 director of career center lashanda jordan b.s m.s 2003 assistant director of career center georgianna