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april 10–13 early registration for fall semester 2006 april 20 awards day april 21 last regular meeting of classes april 24–25 final examination days april 26 reading day april 27–28 final examination days may 1 final grades for graduating seniors due may 3 all semester grades due in the office of records may 5 baccalaureate may 6 commencement—residence halls close at 5 p.m may 29 memorial day—college offices closed formal academic occasion millsaps purpose founded in 1890 millsaps college is a community committed to trust in disciplined learning and the ideals of a liberal arts education as keys to a rewarding life 4 in keeping with its character as a liberal arts college and its historic role in the mission of the united methodist church millsaps college seeks to provide a learning environment that increases knowledge deepens understanding of faith and inspires the development of mature citizens with the intellectual capacities ethical principles

• jesse and ruth brent scholarship fund • pet and randall brewer memorial endowed scholarship fund • w h brewer endowed scholarship fund • lucile mars bridges endowed scholarship fund • rev and mrs a m broadfoot memorial scholarship fund • j blaine and bertha s brown endowed scholarship fund • dr t m brownlee and dan f crumpton endowed scholarship fund • c leland byler endowed scholarship fund • a boyd campbell endowed scholarship fund • james boyd campbell memorial endowed scholarship fund • charles noel carney endowed scholarship fund • henry elbert chatham environmental studies endowed scholarship fund • dr elbert alston cheek and son endowed scholarship fund • cheney memorial endowed scholarship fund in memory of reynolds smith cheney and winifred green cheney and allan walker cheney • rev and mrs c c clark endowed scholarship fund • g c clark jr and frances r clark scholarship fund

richard b baltz award presented to the outstanding student majoring in economics financial management association challenge award presented to the student who has demonstrated high performance in investments wall street journal award presented to the business administration senior who scores highest on the nationally normed field exam mississippi society of cpas award presented to a senior accounting major who has compiled an outstanding record merrill lynch award presented to the student who has demonstrated high achievement in the area of finance charles w and eloise t else scholars presented to seniors in the else school of management who have distinguished themselves academically in their overall college work and in required junior-level course work

foreign language school with grades 1–12 and two universities introduce students to china’s education system and enable them to observe the impact of government policies particularly the one-child-per-family policy and the significant role the family plays in children’s academic achievement in wuhan students also meet millsaps graduates teaching english at wuhan institute of technology to discuss the issues of higher education in china and the experience of working and studying in china after millsaps finally by visiting economic development zones in wuhan and the three gorges where china is building the world’s largest dam students will explore the issues related to economic reform in china to see its results in improving living standards as well as its impact on the environment and its implications for the rest of the world the purpose of these visits is to expose students to the complex relationship between economic development the material well-being of

requirement 35mm camera prerequisite art 2240 offered occasionally 3350 topics in sculpture 4 sem hours this intermediate-level course varies in its specific focus topics may include casting and mold-making and installation art this course may be repeated for credit with a different topic prerequisite art 2250 3360 topics in digital arts 4 sem hours this intermediate-level course varies in its specific focus topics may include digital printmaking video and web-based media this course may be repeated for credit with a different topic prerequisite art 2260 3400 advanced studio drawing 4 sem hours students will create their own body of drawings and engage in class discussions and critiques with advanced studio students working in other media all advanced studio students meet together to encourage a broader understanding of art making and contemporary artists this course may be repeated for credit with a different topic prerequisite art 3300 3410 advanced studio painting 4 sem hours

2110 contemporary hispanic culture 4 sem hours providing the insights into customs and daily culture needed for interacting effectively with speakers of spanish this transition course concentrates on reading skills in a conversational classroom environment taught primarily in spanish prerequisite spanish 2000 or its equivalent or placement test score required for all further study in spanish 2120 spanish for the professions 4 sem hours designed to improve students’ knowledge of a chosen field such as law medicine education banking sociology etc and their ability to communicate especially in writing taught in spanish prerequisite spanish 2110 2751 spanish across the curriculum 1 sem hour under a spanish instructor’s guidance students read and discuss texts related to a course in another discipline taught in spanish this course may be repeated for credit with a different topic prerequisite spanish 2000 and consent of the instructor offered on demand 3200 survey of

courses 1000 introductory cell biology 4 sem hours an examination of cytological physiological and biochemical features common to all cells metabolism genetics growth movement and reproduction laboratories will include basic instrumentation and concepts of quantification prerequisite for all other biology courses fulfills core 7 or 9 1010 general botany 4 sem hours examines the structures life processes ecological interactions and evolutionary relationships among bacteria protists fungi and plants fulfills core 7 or 9 prerequisite biology 1000 1020 general zoology 4 sem hours comparative morphology and physiology of invertebrate and vertebrate animals fulfills core 7 or 9 prerequisite biology 1000 1710 human evolution 4 sem hours history and nature of science the various lines of evidence about human ancestry will be examined including population genetics paleontology dna and protein sequencing “mitochondrial eve,” chromosome structure behavior and linguistics current

compactness and continuous functions prerequisite mathematics 2310 offered on demand 4750–4753 selected topics in advanced mathematics 1 2 3 or 4 sem hours a study of an area of mathematics not covered in regular departmental offerings that require a high level of mathematical sophistication prerequisite consent of the instructor 4800 graph theory 4 sem hours a theoretical study of trees connectivity eulerian graphs hamiltonian graphs planarity colorability and extremal graph theory prerequisite mathematics 2310 offered in alternate years 4810 complex analysis 4 sem hours topics include complex numbers sets and functions limits and continuity analytic functions cauchy theorems and integrals taylor and laurent series residues and contour integration prerequisite mathematics 2310 and mathematics 2240 or consent of the department chair offered in alternate years 4902–4912 senior seminar 2 2 sem hours reading and research in advanced mathematics group and individual

educ 3130 educational for the exceptional educ 3200 classroom methods and management political science plsc 2050 women and the law plsc 2150 urban/metropolitan politics plsc 3250 public administration plsc 3350 politics of race and ethnicity plsc 4500 political sociology psychology psyc 3020 psychology of women psyc 3130 abnormal psychology psyc 3160 clinical psychology theory and method psyc 3170 social psychology psyc 3190 psychological tests and measurements psyc 4750 developmental disabilities 156 sociology/anthropology soan 1010 social problems soan 2130 marriage and the family soan 2200 sociology of human interaction soan 2250 gender in american culture soan 3220 religion society and culture soan 3310 deviance a comparative approach soan 3500 sociology of law soan 4790 asians in america international studies the concentration in international studies is designed to reward students who want to learn about contemporary global affairs in an interdisciplinary fashion the

3020 e-commerce 4 sem hours course will explore the e-commerce concept in the computer lab with focus on its business processes opportunities limitations issues and risks modules on creating web pages working with xml and web programming with java will be included prerequisites computer science 1010 or equivalent and at least junior standing 3110 business networks and the internet 4 sem hours provides those responsible for technology management strategic planning and various aspects of organizational management with an understanding of networking electronic communications and the internet topics will be covered from the management perspective and will include lan wan hubs servers various systems configurations and internet technologies with emphasis on implications for management prerequisites junior standing special purpose course numbers 4750–4753 special topics 1 2 3 or 4 sem hours 4800–4803 independent studies 1 2 3 or 4 sem hours 4850–4853 internship 1 2

mebrat ogbazghi-ezaz a.a 2002 gift administrator alex p woods b.s 1986 administrative assistant for development special events luran buchanan b.a 1993 special events coordinator division of student life rushton johnson b.a m.s ed.d 2004 assistant dean and director of residence life j kendrick schetter b.s m.s 2003 assistant director of residence life and student involvement vicki mcdonald 1994 student employment coordinator janet langley b.a m.l.s 1991 director of academic support services brit katz b.a m.ed ph.d 2003 vice president of student life and dean of students martha johnston b.s 2002 administrative assistant don fortenberry b.a m.div d.min 1973 minister of christian experiences brooks brower b.a m.a 2003 assistant director of residence life for first-year experiences janis c booth b.a m.s ed.d 1986 director of college counseling tonya craft b.s m.s 2004 director of career center lisa garvin b.a m.div 2005 chaplain lashanda jordan b.s m.s 2003 assistant director