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millsaps purpose founded in 1890 millsaps college is a community committed to trust in disciplined learning and the ideals of a liberal arts education as keys to a rewarding life in keeping with its character as a liberal arts college and its historic role in the mission of the united methodist church millsaps college seeks to provide a learning environment that increases knowledge deepens understanding of faith and inspires the development of mature citizens with the intellectual capacities ethical principles and sense of responsibility that are needed for leadership in all sectors of society the programs of the college are designed to foster the growth of independent and critical thinking individual and collaborative problem-solving creativity sensitivity and tolerance the ability to inform and challenge others and an appreciation of humanity and the universe millsaps college is committed to the following objectives through its academic program support services and outreach to the

• john chatland chat lenhart sponsored scholarship fund • fannie buck leonard memorial endowed scholarship fund • rev and mrs w c lester scholarship fund • mary sue enochs lewis endowed scholarship fund • james j livesay endowed scholarship fund • forest g maude mcnease and rex loftin endowed memorial fund • susan long memorial endowed scholarship fund • lucas sponsored scholarship fund • jim lucas endowed scholarship fund • mary jane mace memorial endowed scholarship fund • lida ellsberry malone scholarship fund • g w mars endowed scholarship fund • robert and marie may endowed scholarship fund • s w and ella c mcclinton endowed scholarship fund • mcdonald family scholarship fund • will and della mcgehee memorial scholarship fund • joan b mcginnis endowed scholarship fund • james nicholas mclean scholarship fund • greg meadows memorial scholarship fund • meeks ford

chinese culture and society this program is an intensive study of china that introduces students to both traditional and contemporary chinese culture and society the course includes readings in archaeology arts history sociology and education site visits to the tomb of the first emperor of qin and his terra-cotta army the forbidden city the great wall of china and tiananmen square help students link present-day china with its past and better understand today’s china particularly its political system through the investigation of china’s feudal and imperial roots by observing traditional chinese architecture arts and village life and visiting suzhou a world heritage site famous for its private gentry homes with traditional gardens and zhou-zhuang a 900-year-old village in southern china famous for its intellectuals and entrepreneurs during the imperial era students come to better understand the characteristics of chinese culture and national character and see how those

2530 italian renaissance art 4 sem hours a study of painting sculpture and architecture from the 14th through the 16th centuries in italy set in the context of renaissance thought and culture offered in alternate years 2540 baroque art 4 sem hours a study of european art of the 17th century with special attention paid to italian flemish and dutch painting and sculpture offered in alternate years 2550 eighteenth and nineteenth century art 4 sem hours a study of european art of the 18th and 19th centuries in the context of an increasingly industrialized and middle-class society with attention paid to issues of gender class and technology offered in alternate years 2560 modern art 4 sem hours a study of european and american art from postimpressionism to around 1970 offered in alternate years 2570 contemporary art 4 sem hours a study of art from around 1970 to the present with a special focus on new media and concepts as well as contemporary approaches to traditional themes such as

repeated for credit with a different topic prerequisites span 3000 and span 3110 or one of these courses with consent of the department chair 4760 cervantes 4 sem hours a study of the life and works of miguel de cervantes saavedra including his short stories and plays as well as don quixote de la mancha taught in spanish prerequisites span 3000 and span 3110 or one of these courses with consent of the department chair offered occasionally 4800–4803 directed study in spanish 1–4 sem hours for advanced students who wish to do reading and research in special areas under the guidance of an instructor prerequisite span 2110 and consent of the department chair 4900 senior seminar 4 sem hours in this capstone course senior majors reflect on the role their undergraduate degree in spanish plays within the larger context of their liberal arts experience performing arts professor timothy c coker ph.d chair associate professors cheryl w coker d.m.m brent w lefavor m.f.a h lynn

3510 immunology and virology 4 sem hours the physiology biochemistry and genetics of the immune response viral structure function and relationship to host prerequisites biol 1010 or biol 1020 chem 1213 and chem 1223 recommended chem 2110 3600 invertebrate zoology 4 sem hours an in-depth study of the invertebrate phyla emphasis on morphology life history physiology ecology and evolutionary histories prerequisites biol 1000 and biol 1020 offered occasionally 3700–3703 undergraduate research 1–4 sem hours under the supervision of a faculty mentor students develop and carry out an independent laboratory or field investigation in biology prerequisite permission of instructor 3710–3712 directed study 2 or 4 sem hours course is offered when a student needs a special subject covered to meet a professional requirement or wants to work with an instructor to look more deeply into a particular aspect of a discipline 3750–3753 special topics in biology 1–4

graphs hamiltonian graphs planarity colorability and extremal graph theory prerequisite math 2310 offered in alternate years 4810 complex analysis 4 sem hours topics include complex numbers sets and functions limits and continuity analytic functions cauchy theorems and integrals taylor and laurent series residues and contour integration prerequisite math 2310 and math 2240 or consent of the department chair offered occasionally 4902–4912 senior seminar 2 sem hours each reading and research in advanced mathematics group and individual presentations both oral and written preparation for comprehensive examination opportunities to expand understanding of topics of interest to the individual student prerequisite senior standing or consent of the instructor physics associate professor asif khandker ph.d requirements for major students may complete a major in physics with ten courses including general physics i phys 1003 and general physics ii phys 1013 general physics laboratory i

required study abroad students must participate in one study abroad program that is approved by the college in consultation with faculty advisers students may choose a program that takes place during a summer a semester or a year the program must provide at least four hours of approved credit those credits may be used to fulfill the distribution requirements for the concentration in case of programs that are interdisciplinary in nature the director of international studies will determine in consultation with the student which distribution requirements are fulfilled by that program programs are available in almost every country and discipline the millsaps study abroad office will assist students in identifying and selecting programs some of the best options are listed below under distribution requirements financial aid is available for study abroad students may apply for loans to support study abroad the study abroad office will work with students who are interested in applying for

4750–4753 special topics 1–4 sem hours 4800–4803 directed studies 1–4 sem hours 4850–4853 internship 1–4 sem hours 4902 student-managed fund i 2 sem hours a course in the practice of portfolio management with focus on management of the general louis wilson fund the student-managed portfolio provides an opportunity for managing the investment of college endowment funds by utilizing economic industry and company analysis in the context of security valuation models combines the study of sophisticated security analysis and portfolio theory management and performance measurement to be taken during the fall semester prerequisite finc 4900 and permission of instructor 4912 student-managed fund ii 2 sem hours a course in the practice of portfolio management with focus on management of the general louis wilson fund the student-managed portfolio provides an opportunity for managing the investment of college endowment funds by utilizing economic

special events luran buchanan b.a 1993 special events coordinator division of student life brit katz b.a m.ed ph.d 2003 vice president of student life and dean of students don fortenberry b.a m.div d.min 1973 minister of christian experiences janis c booth b.a m.s ed.d 1986 director of college counseling lisa garvin b.a m.div 2005 chaplain sherryl wilburn b.l.s 1992 director of multicultural affairs and director of international programs and study abroad 214 betty hulsey a.a 1999 assistant to the vice president of student life rushton johnson b.a m.s ed.d 2004 assistant dean and director of residence life j kendrick schetter b.s m.s 2003 assistant director of career center/coordinator of information technology vicki mcdonald 1994 student employment coordinator martha johnston b.s 2002 administrative assistant tiffany hammond b.s 2006 administrative assistant brooks brower b.a m.a 2003 assistant director of residence life for first-year experiences tonya craft b.s m.s 2004