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repeated for credit with a different topic prerequisites span 3000 and span 3110 or one of these courses with consent of the department chair 4760 cervantes 4 sem hours a study of the life and works of miguel de cervantes saavedra including his short stories and plays as well as don quixote de la mancha taught in spanish prerequisites span 3000 and span 3110 or one of these courses with consent of the department chair offered occasionally 4800–4803 directed study in spanish 1–4 sem hours for advanced students who wish to do reading and research in special areas under the guidance of an instructor prerequisite span 2110 and consent of the department chair 4900 senior seminar 4 sem hours in this capstone course senior majors reflect on the role their undergraduate degree in spanish plays within the larger context of their liberal arts experience performing arts professor timothy c coker ph.d chair associate professors cheryl w coker d.m.m brent w lefavor m.f.a h lynn raley d.m.a 109 assistant professors rachel heard d.m.a jeannie-marie brown m.f.a music requirements for major in music students may complete a major in music with a bachelor of arts bachelor of business administration or bachelor of science degree all music majors must complete a basic 36-hour program in tandem with either a music concentration or a non-music cognate concentration the basic program includes creating music the computer musc 1002 concept design i musc 2000 concept design ii musc 2010 critical skills music analysis musc 3000 the evolution of style in music musc 2100 musical style in world cultures musc 2142 contemporary music musc 3102 choral conducting i musc 3512 music study as aesthetic contemplation musc 4902 two additional electives in music history/literature and seminar readings in music criticism musc 4900 participation in singers each semester is required all music majors must pass a keyboard proficiency test demonstrate a minimum aural competency as defined in the theory curriculum and attend all recitals required by the department requirements for music performance concentration students may elect a performance concentration in piano voice organ guitar or orchestral instruments the latter with special permission students may complete a performance concentration in music in tandem with the music major or any other major the college offers the 22-hour program includes 16 hours of studio study in one performance medium two hours of pedagogy two hours of literature creating music at the computer musc 1002 one shared “half ” recital and one solo recital performance concentrators must attend all recitals required by the department vocal concentrators must participate in singers each semester concentrators are strongly encouraged to complete the practicum in their performance area.