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3510 immunology and virology 4 sem hours the physiology biochemistry and genetics of the immune response viral structure function and relationship to host prerequisites biol 1010 or biol 1020 chem 1213 and chem 1223 recommended chem 2110 3600 invertebrate zoology 4 sem hours an in-depth study of the invertebrate phyla emphasis on morphology life history physiology ecology and evolutionary histories prerequisites biol 1000 and biol 1020 offered occasionally 3700–3703 undergraduate research 1–4 sem hours under the supervision of a faculty mentor students develop and carry out an independent laboratory or field investigation in biology prerequisite permission of instructor 3710–3712 directed study 2 or 4 sem hours course is offered when a student needs a special subject covered to meet a professional requirement or wants to work with an instructor to look more deeply into a particular aspect of a discipline 3750–3753 special topics in biology 1–4 sem hours 3850 or 3852 internship 2 or 4 sem hours practical experience and training with selected research educational governmental and business institutions 130 4902–4912 senior seminar 2 sem hours each a sequenced two-semester two hours per semester capstone course for the biology major selected topics in the history and current literature of science particularly biology emphasizing the development of an integrated worldview from the standpoint of the sciences required for all biology majors fulfills core 10 prerequisite senior standing chemistry professors jimmie m purser ph.d timothy j ward ph.d associate professor kristina l stensaas ph.d chair assistant professors l lee lewis ph.d wolfgang h kramer ph.d mark a hamon ph.d instructor corinne g ciaccio m.s requirements for major all students pursuing a degree in chemistry must complete the following courses • general chemistry i chem 1213 and ii chem 1223 and general chemistry laboratory i chem 1211 and ii chem 1221 • organic chemistry i chem 2110 and ii chem 2120 and organic chemistry laboratory i chem 2111 and ii chem 2121