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graphs hamiltonian graphs planarity colorability and extremal graph theory prerequisite math 2310 offered in alternate years 4810 complex analysis 4 sem hours topics include complex numbers sets and functions limits and continuity analytic functions cauchy theorems and integrals taylor and laurent series residues and contour integration prerequisite math 2310 and math 2240 or consent of the department chair offered occasionally 4902–4912 senior seminar 2 sem hours each reading and research in advanced mathematics group and individual presentations both oral and written preparation for comprehensive examination opportunities to expand understanding of topics of interest to the individual student prerequisite senior standing or consent of the instructor physics associate professor asif khandker ph.d requirements for major students may complete a major in physics with ten courses including general physics i phys 1003 and general physics ii phys 1013 general physics laboratory i phys 1001 and ii phys 1013 modern physics phys 2000 classical mechanics phys 3100 electromagnetism 3110 thermal physics phys 3120 quantum mechanics phys 3140 advanced physics laboratory phys 3210 electronics for scientists phys 3300 similarities in physics phys 4902 and senior seminar phys 4912 students must receive a c or better in all of the required physics courses prospective majors should take general physics i phys 1003 and ii phys 1013 and general physics laboratory i phys 1001 and ii phys 1011 no later than the sophomore year requirements for minor students may elect a minor in physics with three courses beyond general physics i phys 1003 and ii phys 1013 and general physics laboratory i phys 1001 and ii phys 1011 the courses must be approved by the department chair mathematics requirements students interested in maintaining the option of study in physics or related fields e.g preengineering are urged to begin their mathematics course work at millsaps as early as possible and at the highest level possible it is required that a minimum of calculus i math 1220 ii math 2230 and iii math 2240 and differential equations math 3540 be taken by all physics or pre-engineering majors courses 1001 general physics laboratory i 1 sem hour experiments to accompany general physics i dealing mainly with mechanics and wave motion corequisite phys 1003 1003 general physics i 3 sem hours a broad introduction to general physics for students who have taken an introductory calculus course main areas covered are mechanics and waves specific topics include vectors kinematics newton’s laws of motion rotation equilibrium wave motion and sound prerequisite math 1220 or consent of instructor corequisite phys 1001 151