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required study abroad students must participate in one study abroad program that is approved by the college in consultation with faculty advisers students may choose a program that takes place during a summer a semester or a year the program must provide at least four hours of approved credit those credits may be used to fulfill the distribution requirements for the concentration in case of programs that are interdisciplinary in nature the director of international studies will determine in consultation with the student which distribution requirements are fulfilled by that program programs are available in almost every country and discipline the millsaps study abroad office will assist students in identifying and selecting programs some of the best options are listed below under distribution requirements financial aid is available for study abroad students may apply for loans to support study abroad the study abroad office will work with students who are interested in applying for loans outside scholarships may also be available to students distribution requirements students must choose courses worth 24 hours in at least three departments in at least two divisions courses are to be approved by the director of international studies in consultation with the members of the faculty who are offering the courses in question 172 approved courses will focus substantially on foreign international or cross-cultural issues that have developed since the beginning of the 20th century by “substantial” focus on this time period we mean that at least half of the course will address the period since 1900 for example the survey of modern european history begins in 1789 but typically students in the course spend half of their time studying history since 1900 that course and others like it will count toward the concentration in addition to courses that focus exclusively on the 20th century eight hours of credit may be double-counted from the student’s major department provided that the courses being double-counted have a substantial focus on contemporary and international issues special topics courses not listed in the catalog may also be counted provided that they have a substantial focus on contemporary and international issues courses in arts and letters • modern art europe and u.s arts 2560 • topics in world art arts 2590 • studies in 20th century literature engl 3180 • survey of french literature after the revolution fren 3210 • french civilization after the revolution fren 3230 • french film fren 3750 • survey of german literature from the time of goethe germ 3210 • german civilization germ 3220 • german literature of the early 20th century germ 3770 • german literature since 1945 germ 3780 • modern europe hist 2210 • african history hist 2310 • history of the middle east hist 2400