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millsaps purpose founded in 1890 millsaps college is a community committed to trust in disciplined learning and the ideals of a liberal arts education as keys to a rewarding life in keeping with its character as a liberal arts college and its historic role in the mission of the united methodist church millsaps college seeks to provide a learning environment that increases knowledge deepens understanding of faith and inspires the development of mature citizens with the intellectual capacities ethical principles and sense of responsibility that are needed for leadership in all sectors of society the programs of the college are designed to foster the growth of independent and critical thinking individual and collaborative problem-solving creativity sensitivity and tolerance the ability to inform and challenge others and an appreciation of humanity and the universe millsaps college is committed to the following objectives through its academic program support services and outreach to the wider community academic program to select well-prepared students of diverse social ethnic geographical and age backgrounds to provide for all undergraduates an integrated core curriculum that is designed to foster student development in reasoning communication historical consciousness and social cultural awareness 4 to provide opportunities for study in depth and the development of disciplinary competencies in undergraduate programs to provide a graduate program in business with a general management outlook that develops future leaders and expands the body of knowledge in the practice of management to foster a caring community that nurtures open inquiry and independent critical thinking to structure opportunities for students to become competent in self-assessment of their academic progress to recruit and retain a faculty well-qualified to support the academic program to provide faculty with resources for professional development in teaching scholarship and research college support services to provide physical and financial resources sufficient to support the college mission to support the personal development of students through a program of counseling student organizations and social activities to provide activities and facilities for the enhancement of student physical well-being to provide for the aesthetic enrichment of students through a program of cultural events;