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millsaps purpose founded in 1890 millsaps college is a community committed to trust in disciplined learning and the ideals of a liberal arts education as keys to a rewarding life in keeping with its character as a liberal arts college and its historic role in the mission of the united methodist church millsaps college seeks to provide a learning environment that increases knowledge deepens understanding of faith and inspires the development of mature citizens with the intellectual capacities ethical principles and sense of responsibility that are needed for leadership in all sectors of society the programs of the college are designed to foster the growth of independent and critical thinking individual and collaborative problem-solving creativity sensitivity and tolerance the ability to inform and challenge others and an appreciation of humanity and the universe millsaps college is committed to the following objectives through its academic program support services and outreach to the

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curriculum requirements for degrees requirements for all degrees a total of 128 semester hours is required for the bachelor of arts bachelor of science and bachelor of business administration degrees of this total at least 120 semester hours must be taken for a letter grade core requirements for all degrees all millsaps students must complete 10 core courses specifically designed to develop the general abilities of a liberally educated person core 1 introduction to thinking and writing……………………… 4 sem hours core 2 multi-disciplinary topics in the ancient world 4 sem hours core 3 multi-disciplinary topics in the pre-modern world 4 sem hours core 4 multi-disciplinary topics in the modern world 4 sem hours core 5 multi-disciplinary topics in the contemporary world 4 sem hours core 6 topics in social and behavioral science 4 sem hours core 7 topics in natural science with laboratory 4 sem hours core 8 topics in mathematics 4 sem hours

millsaps special topics in political science ghana in transition alternates years with program in tanzania the aim of this summer program is to provide students the tools with which to better understand contemporary developments in africa with specific emphasis on ghana the course will provide students with a general orientation to ghanaian politics and history linked to a series of lectures and active learning activities lectures may be presented by ghanaian academics along with politicians former government officials and ngo representatives in addition there will be field trips to important sites around the country including the ashanti center of kumasi the mole game reserve the aburi botanical gardens-center for research into plant medicine the kakum ecotourism park and coastal forts associated with the slave trade the ghana we find today still bears the scars of its historical legacy conquest and domination by european powers the struggle for independence political turmoil

3353 intermediate 3d/4d studio topics in sculpture 3 sem hours this intermediatelevel course varies in its specific focus topics may include casting and moldmaking and installation art this course may be repeated for credit with a different topic prerequisites arts 2253 co-requisite arts 3001 3363 intermediate 3d/4d studio topics in digital arts 3 sem hours this intermediatelevel course varies in its specific focus topics may include digital printmaking video and web-based media this course may be repeated for credit with a different topic prerequisites arts 2263 co-requisite arts 3001 3650 digital arts internship 4 sem hours an internship in which a student works with a firm or agency focusing on digital arts or graphic design for at least 12 hours a week this internship will count for the digital arts concentration in the studio art major or for the digital arts minor supervision of a member of the art faculty is required prerequisite consent of art department chair 3750-3753

3750 3753 special topics 1-4 sem hours study of specific aspects of french literature language or culture at the junior level taught in french this course may be repeated for credit with a different topic taught primarily in our summer program in france offered occasionally during the school year prerequisite 2110 4750 special studies in french 4 sem hours advanced in-depth study of specific aspects of french literature language or culture such as advanced grammar medieval and renaissance literature 17th-century theatre 18th-century narrative 19th-century novel and 20th-century theatre taught in french this course may be repeated for credit with a different topic prerequisite fren 2110 4800–4803 directed study in french 1–4 sem hours for advanced students who wish to do reading and research in special areas under the guidance of an instructor prerequisite fren 2110 and consent of the department chair 4900 senior seminar 4 sem hours in this capstone course senior

general information no grade lower than a c will be accepted in any course to fulfill a major or minor in biology for the major at least four courses plus senior seminar must be taken in residence at millsaps for the minor at least three out of the necessary five courses must be taken in residence at millsaps students planning careers in the health professions should also take general chemistry i chem 1213 and ii chem 1223 with labs organic chemistry i chem 2110 and ii chem 2120 with labs and college physics i phys 1003 and ii phys 1013 with labs many medical schools strongly recommend at least one semester of biochemistry students planning further study in molecular biology are encouraged to take biochemistry i chem 3610 and ii chem 3620 students planning further study in ecology or environmental sciences are encouraged to take general chemistry i chem 1213 and ii chem 1223 with labs elementary statistics math 1150 and the physical earth geol 1000 all courses numbered 2000 or

1130 precalculus 4 sem hours this course covers topics included in college algebra and trigonometry it is a one-semester preparatory class for the calculus sequence credit is not allowed for both math 1100 and math 1130 1150 elementary statistics 4 sem hours introduction to descriptive statistics and statistical inference topics include the central limit theorem confidence intervals chi square test of independence and goodness of fit analysis of variance correlation and regression analysis applications to business education and other disciplines are emphasized course includes a computer-based laboratory 1210 survey of calculus 4 sem hours topics include limits the derivative applications of the derivative with focus on applications in business and the social sciences antiderivatives and applications of the definite integral course includes a computer-based laboratory credit is not allowed for both math 1210 and math 1220 prerequisite math 1100 or 1130 or departmental approval 1220

study one european language in addition to satisfying the b.a requirement in that language the european studies minor must complete at least eight semester hours beyond the b.a requirement in that language second minors must complete the introductory course for european studies hist 2210 european civilization since 1789 4 sem hours third minors must take eight semester hours beyond those described above from a list of elective courses provided by the director of the european studies program those two elective courses may not be in the same department and none of them may be from the core 4000 european studies colloquium 4 sem hours an interdisciplinary research forum in which students pursue an individual directed reading and writing project within their areas of concentration this project will lead to the completion during the spring semester of the student’s senior year of an interdisciplinary senior thesis some form of financial aid may be available for certain european

3020 money and financial systems 4 sem hours this course is a survey of both the microeconomic and macroeconomic aspects of financial systems including market structure behavior and regulation of commercial banks and other financial intermediaries the creation of money central bank organization and monetary control and policy issues prerequisite econ 2000 and at least junior standing 3030 econometrics and applied statistics 4 sem hours this course involves a study of the general linear regression model and the considerations associated with using that technique prerequisite econ 2000 math 1150 or consent of instructor and at least junior standing 3040 international economics 4 sem hours this course extends and applies economic theory to international issues with an examination of world money markets exchange rates adjustment mechanisms and issues prerequisite econ 2000 and at least junior standing or permission of instructor 3050 health economics 4 sem hours this course provides

lisa purdie b.a 2005 assistant director of communications and marketing jason bronson b.a 2006 web content editor nell floyd b.a 2008 publications manager brit katz b.a m.ed ph.d 2003 vice president of student life and dean of students janis c booth b.a m.s ed.d 1986 director of college counseling sandra johnson 2008 administrative assistant don fortenberry b.a m.div d.min 1973 minister of christian experiences kelley matthews b.f.a 2004 graphic designer lisa garvin b.a m.div 2005 chaplain lucy molinaro b.a 2008 web manager sherryl wilburn b.l.s 1992 director of multicultural affairs and director of international programs and study abroad kara paulk b.a 2008 public relations coordinator development 216 division of student life patrick cooper b.a m.ed 2005 director of events scheduling and services for students with disabilities vernon e king b.p.a 2003 director of development tonya craft b.s m.s 2004 director of career center luran buchanan b.a 1993 special events coordinator