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calendar for 2009–10 first semester august 21 fall conference for faculty august 22 residence halls open at 9 a.m for new students august 22-24 orientation for new students august 24-25 registration for class changes august 24…………………………………………… ……… evening classes begin august 25 all classes meet according to regular schedule august 27 opening convocation september 3 last day for schedule changes without a grade october 16 mid-semester grades due october 16 classes until 4:30 p.m mid-semester holidays begin october 21 mid-semester holidays end 8 a.m october 22 tap day november 6 last day for dropping courses with grade of w november 9-12 early registration for spring semester 2010 november 25……… classes until noon residence halls close 3 p.m thanksgiving holidays begin november 26 27 college offices closed november 29 thanksgiving holidays

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writing proficiency portfolio demonstration of writing proficiency through the millsaps writing proficiency portfolio is a graduation requirement all students traditional or transfer should fulfill this requirement no later than the end of their second year at millsaps.all students begin their writing proficiency portfolio in their core 1 class idst 1000/1050 a paper will also be submitted to the portfolio from core 3 idst 1300 or the second semester of the heritage classes students are responsible for submission of the two remaining papers in the portfolio traditional students during their first two years at millsaps all students must complete a writing proficiency portfolio consisting of six papers the first three papers are assessed by core 1 professors and the fourth by core 3/heritage professors prior to inclusion in the portfolios students found below proficient at the end of core 1 will be required by the director of writing and teaching to take writ 1000 in the semester

study abroad providers millsaps college works with the top study abroad providers in the united states carefully selected for their academic rigor commitment to immersion-based learning affordability and excellent student support services these providers which offer semester and yearlong programs in literally every corner of the globe and virtually all subject areas include aifs the alliance for global education arcadia university’s center for education abroad australearn/asialearn/eurolearn cet academic programs ciee ies abroad gse ifsa-butler isa and semester at sea the majority of providers include in their program fees such extensive support services as comprehensive personal pre-departure advising including course selection and financial planning on-site orientation upon arrival in the host country full-time on-site resident staff academic and personal support including tutoring and mental health counseling subsidized excursions and social events medical insurance and

introductory level for teacher certification by the state however even students intending to teach latin in private schools should take additional latin we recommend that such students complete a concentration in latin by taking the standard courses for the major and 12 additional credits in latin 2 a major in classical studies with a concentration in material culture students who choose this option will fulfill all the requirements for a classical studies major but will also be required to take sociology-anthropology 1110 introduction to archaeology also meets core 6 in addition they will be required to attend a field school and complete four credits of field research such students would be encouraged to travel to greece and rome either with the department in its field studies courses or by choosing to participate in a number of excellent programs abroad such students should also take a classical art history course 3 a major in classical studies with a concentration in biblical

2050-2053 intermediate conversation 1-4 sem hours designed for students at the intermediate level wishing to improve their pronunciation vocabulary and conversational skills topics include french culture and current events may be taken concurrently with a 2000-level course taught in french taught primarily in our summer program in france offered occasionally during the school year with consent of the instructor 2110 contemporary hispanic culture 4 sem hours this transition course concentrates on reading skills in a conversational classroom environment it is designed to help students attain a level of linguistic proficiency and cultural understanding that will allow them to interact effectively with speakers of spanish taught primarily in spanish prerequisite span 2000 or its equivalent or placement test score required for all further study of spanish 2120 spanish for the professions 4 sem hours designed to improve students’ knowledge of a chosen field such as law medicine

1003 introduction to cell biology 3 sem hours first in a three course core sequence for biology majors an intensive examination of fundamental concepts of modern cell biology including cell structure and physiology molecular biology and genetics this course along with biol 1001 fulfills core 7 or 9 and is a prerequisite for all other biology majors courses corequisite biol 1001 1010 general botany 4 sem hours examines the structures life processes ecological interactions and evolutionary relationships among bacteria protists fungi and plants fulfills core 7 or 9 prerequisite biol 1000 1021 general zoology laboratory 1 sem hour laboratory course to accompany biol 1023 includes survey of organismal diversity histology and dissections this course along with biol 1023 fulfills core 7 or 9 corerquisite biol 1023 prerequisite biol 1001/1003 1023 general zoology 3 sem hours an introduction to the morphology physiology and evolutionary relationships among invertebrate and vertebrate

a c grade or higher is required for each of the above courses all requirements for major not taken at millsaps must be approved in advance by the department chair requirements for minor students may elect a minor in mathematics by completing five mathematics courses that include analytic geometry and calculus ii math 2230 analytic geometry and calculus iii math 2240 introduction to advanced mathematics math 2310 and at least eight additional semester hours of mathematics at or above the 3000 level a c grade or higher is required in each of these courses prerequisites for introductory mathematics courses the mathematics department enforces the following prerequisites for students enrolling in mathematics courses at the 1000 level waivers of the posted prerequisites are possible but must be made by the mathematics department use the guidelines in “hints from the academic departments” to determine what math courses a student must have to meet degree and major requirements

environmental studies the minor in environmental studies is an interdisciplinary program that may be pursued by students majoring in any discipline the required course work provides students the opportunity to consider the relationship between people and the environment from social cultural economic political ethical and scientific perspectives requirements for area of minor seven courses are required geol 1100 environmental issues one of the field courses listed below or an internship course or research course approved by the director of the minor two of the humanities and social sciences courses listed below two of the natural sciences courses listed below envs 4911 environmental studies seminar field courses s3 0&ield!rchaeology s 03pecial0roblemsin eology9ellowstone&ield3tudy s34 0,ivingin9ucatÈn 0 s34 0,ivingin9ucatÈn 0 s 0&ield eology s 0&ield iology 180 humanities and social sciences s

2200 economic policy issues 4 sem hours this course investigates various aspects of public policy regarding economic issues both macro and micro policy issues may be considered this course is the same as plsc 2200 prerequisites econ 2000 and sophomore standing 3000 intermediate macroeconomic theory 4 sem hours this course studies the measurement of and determination of the level of national income and output aggregate demand and supply inflation unemployment the theory of money and interest rates the causes of economic cycles and national economic policy analysis prerequisite econ 2000 and at least junior standing 3010 intermediate microeconomic theory 4 sem hours this course examines price and output determination in markets equilibrium market intervention externalities the theory of value production and cost theory resource markets and welfare and policy implications prerequisite econ 2000 and at least junior standing or consent of instructor 3020 money and financial systems 4

j kendrick schetter b.s m.s 2003 director of conferences and events scheduling and hall activity center donald sullivan 1981 lieutenant campus safety 224 sherryl wilburn b.l.s 1992 director of multicultural affairs and director of international