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calendar for 2010–11 first semester august 20 fall conference for faculty august 21 residence halls open at 8 a.m for new students august 21-23 orientation for new students august 22………………………residence halls open at 9 a.m for returning students august 23-24 registration for class changes august 23…………………………………………… ……… evening classes begin august 24 all classes meet according to regular schedule august 26 opening convocation september 2 last day for schedule changes without a grade october 7………inauguration of president robert pearigen – no classes until 1 p.m october 15 mid-semester grades due october 15 classes until 4:30 p.m mid-semester holidays begin october 20 mid-semester holidays end 8 a.m october 21 tap day november 5 last day for dropping courses with grade of w november

• w h watkins endowed scholarship fund • john houston wear jr foundation sponsored scholarship fund • james thompson weems endowed scholarship fund • mary virginia weems endowed scholarship fund • ned welles memorial sponsored scholarship fund • dr vernon lane wharton scholarship fund • julian l wheless endowed scholarship fund • milton c white scholarship fund • lettie pate whitehead sponsored scholarship fund • shirley andrews williams endowed scholarship fund • james w pete wood endowed scholarship fund • shelby and thera little woodward scholarship fund • young women’s christian association ywca endowed scholarship fund loan funds federal direct subsidized loan program federal direct subsidized loans are available to students who demonstrate need and are enrolled at least half-time undergraduate students may borrow up to $3,500 for their first year $4,500 for their second year and $5,500 a year

instruction students may major in a subject only with the consent of the department chair they are expected to declare a major by the end of the sophomore year all work to be applied toward the major must be approved in advance by the department chair a student may have more than one major by completing all of the requirements in the departments involved minors while there is no requirement that students complete a minor as part of their degree they may elect a minor in those departments that offer one they cannot get a minor and a major under the same department example major in biology and minor in biology a student must have a minimum of 16 semester hours in a department in order to qualify for a minor a minimum of eight semester hours applied toward the minor must be taken at millsaps specific requirements for a particular minor can be found under the appropriate department of instruction areas of concentration a student may have an area of concentration within a particular major

administration of the curriculum

latin fulfills the language requirement for the b.a degree and for phi beta kappa 2000-level courses are intended for third-semester work intermediate readers e.g 4th through 6th semester should take 3000-level courses 4000-level courses are for senior students 5th semester or beyond and taught together with 3000-level classes but include a 4th hour research colloquium instruction in disciplinary research tools and a seminar paper 1110-1120 introduction to latin 4 sem hours learn to think and read like a roman this course introduces students to all essential latin grammar vocabulary and forms while emphasizing critical reading skills readings include selections from latin prose and poetry that illustrate key concepts and events from roman civilization offered annually 2100 ovid – 3rd semester 4 sem hours selected readings from the poetry of ovid illustrate ovid’s blazing wit masterful artistry and sardonic view of the relations between mortals and immortals offered

music 122 professor timothy c coker ph.d instructor of music james c martin b.m m.m associate professors cheryl w coker d.m.a h lynn raley d.m.a assistant professors rachel heard d.m.a requirements for major in music students may complete a major in music with a bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degree all music majors must complete a basic 36-hour program in tandem with either a music concentration or a nonmusic cognate concentration the basic program includes creating music the computer musc 1002 concept design i musc 2000 concept design ii musc 2010 critical skills music analysis musc 3000 musical style in world cultures musc 2142 the evolution of style in western music musc 3100 contemporary music musc 3102 choral conducting i musc 3512 music study as aesthetic contemplation musc 4902 two additional electives in music history/literature and seminar readings in music criticism musc 4900 participation in singers each semester is required all music majors must

course along with biol 1023 fulfills core 7 or 9 corerquisite biol 1023 prerequisite biol 1001/1003 1023 general zoology 3 sem hours an introduction to the morphology physiology and evolutionary relationships among invertebrate and vertebrate animals this course along with biol 1021 fulfills core 7 or 9 corequisite biol 1021 prerequisite biol 1001/1003 1710 human evolution 4 sem hours history and nature of science the various lines of evidence about human ancestry will be examined including population genetics paleontology dna and protein sequencing “mitochondrial eve,” chromosome structure behavior and linguistics current literature will be reviewed this course includes a laboratory for freshmen and sophomores only except by permission of instructor designed for nonscience majors does not fulfill requirements for b.s degree or a major or minor in biology fulfills core 7 or 9 2000 genetics 4 sem hours historical/developmental treatment of theories of biological

semester hours of mathematics four hours of which must be at the 4000 level chosen from among the following discrete structures math 3560 numerical analysis math 3570 advanced calculus math 4630 complex analysis math 4810 or an approved topics class majors must also complete computer science i csci 1010 and two additional courses from one department at the 2000 level or above that use applications of mathematics the following courses fulfill this requirement chemistry physical chemistry i chem 3410 physical chemistry ii chem 3420 computer science data structures and algorithms csci 2300 automata computability and compiler theory csci 3310 artificial intelligence csci 3400 computer graphics csci 3410 software engineering csci 3600 geology structural geology geol 4200 environmental and engineering geophysics geol 4300 solid earth geophysics geol 4350 physics modern physics phys 2000 classical mechanics phys 3120 electromagnetism phys 3110 thermal physics phys 3120

194 requirements for major students complete a major in european studies with a total of 40 semester hours including the following five components 1 introductory course 4 sem hours european studies 1000 the idea of europe an interdisciplinary collaborative course taught by faculty from across the divisions 2 language component students are required to study one european language in addition to satisfying the b.a requirement in that language the european studies major must complete at least 12 semester hours beyond the b.a requirement in that language for those students focusing on an english-speaking country in europe only the b.a language requirement must be met students focusing on english-speaking countries must take 12 hours in english related topics the language requirement can be met at millsaps or through study abroad these courses do not count as electives rather they meet the language component requirement of the european studies major/minor 3 multidisciplinary component 20

and financing the relationship between team and municipality legal aspects of sports business and other issues related to sports and society prerequisites mgmt 3000 acct 2000 econ 2000 and at least junior standing offered in alternate years 4901 senior thesis i 1 sem hour this is a research course and is the initial preparation of a thesis on an approved topic in economics that will be used as a part of the comprehensive examination for economic majors prerequisite senior standing econ 3000 and econ 3010 4902 senior seminar in economics 2 sem hours this course includes discussion of selected topics in economics prerequisite senior standing econ 3000 and econ 3010 4911 senior thesis ii 1 sem hour this is a research course in which the student concludes research begun in econ 4901 it involves the final preparation of a thesis on an approved topic in economics that will be used as a part of the comprehensive examination for economics majors prerequisite senior standing and econ 4901