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african-american studies 94 american studies 95 art 96 biology 101 biochemistry 106 chemistry 106 classical studies 112 education 122 english 130 engineering and applied science 138 environmental studies 139 european studies 141 faith work initiative 145 film studies 146 geology 147 history 151 interdisciplenary core 156 latin american studies 158 mathematics 161 modern languages 166 music 173 peace and justice studies 180 philosophy 181 physics 187 political science………………………… 190 psychology neuroscience 195 religious studies 201 self-designed majors 206 sociology/anthropology 209 theatre 215 writing program 218 women’s and gender studies 219 else school of management 220 accounting 228 business administration 230 economics 231 entrepreneurship 233 finance 234 leadership management 235 management information systems 237 marketing 238 register 239 board of trustees 226 cabinet of the college 227 faculty 228 staff 235

audit courses courses taken for audit do not count for credit or graduation and therefore are not counted in determining eligibility for receiving or maintaining financial aid credit/no credit grades courses taken for credit/no credit are not counted in determining eligibility for receiving or maintaining financial aid repeat courses repeat courses are counted for credit and will affect cumulative grade point averages in determining eligibility and maintaining financial aid as well as determining the maximum number of hours allowed for financial aid eligibility 3 maximum hours to complete course of study students must complete degree requirement within a normal time frame to remain eligible to receive financial aid students must complete their degree requirements within 150 percent of the published length of their academic program in most cases students will be eligible to receive financial aid during the first 192 attempted hours as an undergraduate whether or not they received

of interest to students in all health-related curricula interested students should avail themselves of these opportunities throughout their studies the college can generally help arrange internships in the area of professional interest these are always helpful and required by most professional schools admission to medical and dental programs is highly competitive success involves • grade point average both total and science/math • score on the appropriate professional exam e.g mcat dat • faculty and pre-med committee recommendations • outside activities including both campus and work experience and • a successful interview with the professional school • combined research/professional programs are offered by many of these schools pre-ministerial there is no required program of studies for persons planning to enter one of the ministries of the church given the special challenges of the practice of ministry students should plan to undertake

the number of undergraduates elected from any class shall ordinarily not exceed 10 percent of those expected to receive liberal bachelor’s degrees in that class election to beta gamma sigma beta gamma sigma is the national honor society for business programs accredited by the association to advance collegiate schools of business international students are selected each spring to be considered for membership in beta gamma sigma a student must 1 pursue the bachelor of business administration degree the masters of business administration degree or the masters of accountancy degree 2 be of high moral character 3 be in the upper 10 percent of the junior or senior class 4 be in the upper 20 of the mba/macc class and 5 be approved by the nominating committee the cumulative gpa is used to determine class rank dean’s scholars at the end of the fall and spring semester the dean’s scholars list is issued and consists of those students who for that semester 1 earned at least

3400 comparative animal physiology 4 sem hours comparative examination of eumetazoan organ systems and metabolism with an emphasis on vertebrates laboratory employs current methods and instrumentation of experimental physiology prerequisite biol 1021/1023 offered occasionally 3410 human physiology 4 sem hours an examination of general principles underlying vertebrate physiology with an emphasis on human physiology lab employs current physiologic methods and instrumentation prerequisites biol 1001/1003 and biol 1021/1023 3420 human anatomy 4 sem hours an integrated study of the gross anatomy of vertebrates with an emphasis on human gross anatomy includes a laboratory prerequisites biol 1021/1023 3430 human and comparative embryology 4 sem hours an introduction to developmental biology through the study of human embryology emphasis will be placed on gametogenesis fertilization implantation germ layer formation and the development of the different anatomical systems prerequisite biol

english division of arts and humanities david c davis ph.d associate dean of arts and humanities professors eric j griffin ph.d chair suzanne marrs ph.d associate professors laura e franey ph.d anne macmaster ph.d assistant professors curtis coats ph.d anita derouen ph.d visiting assistant professor richard boada ph.d faculty teaching fellow edward porter ph.d the english department houses three majors literature in english communication studies and creative writing requirements for the three majors are described below the grade in any course fulfilling major requirements must be c or higher all requirements for the major not taken at millsaps must be approved in advance by the department chair requirements for major in literature in english students may complete a major in literature in english with 40 semester hours in 10 courses in english required courses include engl 2000 introduction to literary studies engl 2010 and engl 2020 british and american literary history i and ii

3410 first world war a global approach 4 sem hours this course will survey the origins course and outcomes of the first world war paying attention to developments in europe as well as africa asia the middle east and the americas 3420 the second world war a global approach 4 sem hours this course will survey the origins course and outcomes of the second world war paying equal attention to the fighting in europe and asia as well as the global impact of the conflict 3500 topics in middle eastern history 4 sem hours an interdisciplinary examination of a particular topic period or region in middle eastern history the topics which include the twice-promised land and islam in history will change from year to year this course may be repeated for credit with a different topic offered in alternate years 3710 environment technology and power 4 sem hours this course will address the mutual shaping of environmental technological and political changes by looking at case studies from around the

peace and justice studies director lola l williamson ph.d interim director for 2014-15 kristen brown golden ph.d peace and justice studies is an interdisciplinary minor that seeks to educate students about the interrelated nature of problems confronting modern societies these include different forms of violence inequality and oppression leading to wars poverty racism sexism global imbalances of power and ecological destruction the program allows students to explore local national and international issues of violence and injustice along with practical strategies for developing or enhancing peace and justice requirements for a minor students may complete a minor in peace and justice studies with five courses 20 hrs at least three of these must be chosen from the list below two additional courses may come from this list or may be from “peace and justice friendly” courses which are announced each semester these courses must contain 25 content on issues of peace and/or justice

3460 biblical poetry 4 sem hours a careful study of ancient jewish poetry found in the hebrew bible exploring its ancient cultural environment and with full regard to the style passion and emotive elements of the poetic art a texts course offered occasionally 3600 the educational ministry of the church 4 sem hours an examination of the purpose and implementation of christian educational ministry offered occasionally 3750 special topics 4 sem hours areas of interest not covered in regular courses unusual opportunities to study subjects of special interest 3900–4900 religious studies seminar 4 sem hours intensive reading and discussion of selected texts and issues with important implications for the theory and practice of religious studies topics will be announced each time the course is offered this course may be retaken for credit with a different topic 4800–4803 directed readings 1–4 sem hours 4850–4853 religious studies internship 1–4 sem

business administration 2000 international business latin america 4 sem hours this is an intense course that requires students to travel and live in latin america for at least a two-week period students are required to assess and understand geographic environmental economic social-cultural political and legal factors that impact the business environment of latin america the course includes six hours of formal classroom instruction at millsaps college before departure for the region and an additional 38 hours of classroom instruction once in the region in addition to the classroom instruction the course provides experiential learning opportunities by requiring students to participate in field trips that expose them to the history and culture of the region as well as to various leaders of business industry and government offered during the winter or summer terms only 3000 the legal environment of business 4 sem hours an introduction to legal systems and the business-related

zeke bandy b.a 2014 residence life coordinator michelle wheeler b.s 2014 leadership specialist john conway b.a m.s 1998 director of campus safety office of undergraduate admission patrick cooper b.a m.ed 2005 assistant dean of students for residence life rev christopher donald b.a m.div 2013 college chaplain and director of religious life lori genous b.s m.s 2013 director of health promotion and the qep tiffany hammond b.s m.b.a 2006 director of events scheduling conferences and camps megan james b.a m.ed 2007 assistant dean of students for campus life martha johnston b.s 2002 administrative assistant martha lee 1985 assistant to the vice president for student life carol lowe b.s.n 2009 college nurse stan magee b.a 1997 director of publications tonya nations b.s m.s 2004 director center for career education kathleen morrison mitchell b.a m.s 2013 newspaper adviser suzi g nyberg 2007 career specialist center for career education chandler parker b.b.a 2014 leadership specialist