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table of contents calendar for 2014-15 6 vision statement ………………………………….……………………………………… …… 8 mission statement 8 methodist affiliation…………………………….………………………………………………… 8 millsaps purpose………………………………….…………………………………… ………….8 academic program……………………….……………………………………… …….8 college support

stylus the student literary magazine of millsaps college publishes twice a year the best poetry short stories essays and art submitted by millsaps students music the music department offers many opportunities for students to study and perform including private studio lessons in voice or instruments such as piano organ and guitar as well as music history and theory courses open to all students in addition students may audition to participate in several ensemble groups as detailed below the oldest music performance organization at the college is the millsaps singers each year this choir performs a variety of accompanied and a cappella music for the college and community and there is usually at least one performance with a professional orchestra music for singers includes a highly diverse repertoire—masterworks international and ethnic works and recent additions to the choral repertory academic credit is awarded for participation each semester chamber singers is selected by

ms 402 advanced theories in leadership 3 course provides in-depth analysis of the role of law in the conduct of army operations personnel management logistics management and applied doctrine msc 408 is required in conjunction with this class approval of the professor of military science is required ms 403 seminar on leadership 3 a directed study of various themes in leadership theory application of leadership theory problem solving decision-making risk-analysis and communicative skills to selected topics student are required to conduct an oral presentation of their selected theme course includes intern work where the student acts as an assistant to a member of the staff approval of the professor of military science is required ms 407 408 application of advanced theories in leadership 2 application of leadership theory in the organizational setting consists of role playing problem solving decision making and application using practical situations approval of the professor of

• critically examine and analyze issues of power and difference as they manifest themselves explicitly and/or implicitly in the societies of which we are a part • connect academic studies with day-to-day social experiences specific methods for fulfilling the requirement a social science or behavioral science course which has been approved by the core council or an approved ventures course major experience major experience is an experiential learning graduation requirement that ensures every millsaps student directly connects with our vision of producing transformative leaders who will have positive impacts across the street and around the globe the major experience requirement can be satisfied with an approved 4-hour course or approved experiential equivalent students will engage in a transformative learning or leadership experience on campus or will apply their millsaps education to an experience off campus the writing proficiency portfolio demonstration of writing

students must take the following courses hist 2100 history of the united states to 1877 hist 2110 history of the united states since 1877 hist 2350 european history since 1789 hist 2410 introduction to african history or another appropriate course the department approved by students must also take two additional history hist courses of student choice at the 3000 level hist 3xxx hist 3xxx 135 ay 2015-2016 division of arts and humanities minor in history

major american chemical society – organic track chem.acs.orgn.15 the department of chemistry is accredited through the american chemical society acs to offer the acs degree certification in chemistry the acs certified degree provides more in-depth training for those students who wish to pursue graduate studies in chemistry or other advanced studies there are three acs accredited degree track options acs major general track acs major biochemistry track and acs major organic track all acs track students must take the following introductory foundation and related courses as well as complete 400 hours of laboratory work beyond the introductory course level undergraduate research hours can count towards the 400 hour requirement the student must maintain a 2.500 gpa in chemistry courses division of sciences introductory courses chem 1213 general inorganic chemistry i c or higher chem 1211 general inorganic chemistry i laboratory c or higher chem 1223 general inorganic chemistry

minor in sociology soci.min.15 some classes may transfer in however two must be taken at millsaps students must complete this class soan 1000 introduction to sociology c or higher division of sciences students must complete one of the following 2000 level courses soan 2100 methods and statistics c or higher soan 2120 the many dimensions of poverty c or higher soan 2130 marriage and family c or higher soan 2500 sociolinguistics c or higher students must complete one of the following 3000 level courses soan 3100 summer in china c or higher soan 3200 religions society and culture c or higher soan 3210 urban life c or higher soan 3220 class gender race social stratification c or higher soan 3300 health and illness c or higher soan 3710 social psychology c or higher students must complete one additional class not already taken in requirements above soan 2100 methods and statistics c or higher soan 3220 class gender race social stratification c or higher soan

1 february 1—initial conception of sdm major 2 february 15—make an appointment with the chair of the curriculum committee for the purpose of discussing the conception and obtaining application forms 3 march 1—select an adviser for the proposed major consult with the adviser about the courses and faculty committee members appropriate for the program select other members for a sdm faculty committee the student should complete first draft of the application in consultation with his or her adviser and committee members 4 march 15—submit the first draft of the application to chair of the curriculum committee for initial assessment revise proposal as needed in consultation with chair of curriculum committee and adviser of the major committee 5 april 1—finalize the application and submit the completed application electronically to the chair of the curriculum committee for full formal curriculum committee assessment though a student does not need instructor

fren french courses fren 1000 basic french i 4 sem hours an introduction to the essentials of vocabulary grammar and sentence structure primary emphasis on understanding and speaking secondary emphasis on reading and writing intended for students with no prior study of french offered fall and spring fren 1010 basic french ii 4 sem hours continuation of basic french prerequisite fren 1000 or placement test score offered fall and spring fren 2000 intermediate french 4 sem hours building on basic french this course focuses on the practical application of basic listening and speaking skills and expands students’ reading and writing skills prerequisite fren 1010 or placement test score offered fall and spring fren 2110 contemporary french culture 4 sem hours this transition course concentrates on reading skills in a conversational classroom environment it is designed to help students attain a level of linguistic proficiency and cultural understanding that will allow them to

ter of gubernatorial and/or presidential election years combining the traditional academic study of american elections with an applied approach students are required to engage directly with a political campaign party organization or interest group that is working to affect the outcome of the electoral process as a major component of their semester grades prerequisite plsc 1000 or permission of the instructor plsc 3100 political parties and interest groups 4 sem hours examination of history and current structure and functions of american political parties and interest groups in american politics offered occasionally plsc 3200 mass media and political communication 4 sem hours this course examines the influence of the media on political issues public opinion campaigns and elections and political discourse in the united states topics will likely include the use of traditional and new media on political campaigns the impact of media coverage on the policymaking process case studies of

jonathan ferrell b.a m.b.a 2010 director of admission tye menist b.b.a 2011 admission counselor christina phillips b.a 2014 international student advisor stacie sharp b.a 2011 campus visit and hospitality coordinator stephen smith b.a 2012 admission counselor tammy teixeira b.a m.b.a 2013 director of enrollment operations molly west b.a m.ed 2012 director of international admission writing center anita m derouen b.a m.a ph.d 2008 director of writing and teaching elizabeth e egan b.f.a m.f.a 2014 writing center coordinator ay 2015-2016