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disciplinary regulations…… …………………… ………………… … 36 social probation 37 disciplinary probation 37 disciplinary suspension and disciplinary expulsion 37 ethical use computing policy……………… ………………… … …………….37 institute for civic and professional engagement…………… ……39 about the institute……………………………………….… … ……40 mission statement……………………………………….… … … …40 college outreach to a wider community……………………… … 40 the center for career

• no one should attempt to modify system facilities “crash” any computing system degrade system performance or subvert the restrictions associated with computer accounts the willful introduction of computer “viruses” or other disruptive/destructive programs into the millsaps computing environment or external networks is prohibited as users have access to other computers and networks the following is also applicable use of computing systems in attempting to gain unauthorized access to remote systems decryption of system user passwords or modify authorized privilege levels is not permitted one should not encroach on the use of a computer by others this includes activities that tie up computer resources for excessive game playing or other trivial applications the world wide web provides the college with a worldwide audience including prospective students faculty staff alumni and more it is a medium for the college to promote itself and its educational

b leaving honors ii at any time during the summer because the student is not formally enrolled in an honors related course during the summer no changes need to be made the h i credit from the previous spring semester stays on the student’s transcript and will not be changed retroactively even though the student will not graduate with honors c leaving honors ii h ii during the fall of senior year the class h ii can either be withdrawn from completely resulting in a w on the transcript by filling out a “change of schedule add drop form” or be changed into a research or independent study if you would like the latter the advisor and student will determine the appropriate number of credit hours for the new research or independent study course 1-4 hours the faculty and student must ensure that the student stays at or above 12/15 credit hours to ensure full-time status however this course may not be a credit/no credit course in addition the faculty must fill out the

students may count four semester hours of work in either honors or ford fellowship towards this major no more than four semester hours of internship credit can be counted students must take the following courses arts 1000 beginning drawing c or higher arts 1300 beginning sculpture c or higher arts 1400 beginning digital arts c or higher arts 2000 intermediate studio in drawing c or higher arts 2400 intermediate studio in digital arts c or higher arts 3650 digital arts internship c or higher students must take two art history courses of student choice one of the two may be an art historyfocused ventures fycsfa 1010 or connections fycsfa 1020 course taught by an art history faculty member arth c or higher arth c or higher students must take one additional studio art course of student choice arts c or higher all students must take the following colloquiums and seminars and the senior project must be in digital arts arts 3901 junior art colloquium c or higher arts 3903 junior

division of arts and humanities concentration in vocal music performance muspev.conc.15 students must complete the following courses musc 1000 integrative music theory i c or higher musc 4220 vocal pedagogy c or higher 16 hours of studio study is required the following courses apply musc 1511 musc 1521 musc 2511 musc 2521 musc 3511 musc 3521 musc 4511 musc 4521 musc 1512 musc 1522 musc 2512 musc 2522 musc 3512 musc 3522 musc 4512 musc 4522 students must attend all recitals required by the department students must participate in singers musc 15s1 each semester students must complete one shared half recital students must complete one solo recital ay 2017-2018

major in geophysics geop.17 division of sciences students must take the following geoscience courses geol 2000 plate tectonics and earth history c or higher geol 3000 sedimentary geology c or higher geol 3100 solid earth geophysics c or higher geol 3300 applied geophysics c or higher geol 3800 directed studies in geophysics c or higher geol 4000 mineralogy and petrology c or higher geol 4200 structural geology c or higher students must take the following seminars geol 3901 junior geology seminar c or higher geol 3911 junior geology seminar c or higher geol 4921 senior geology seminar c or higher geol 4931 senior geology seminar c or higher students must complete one of the following geoscience field courses geol 3510 geology of the greater yellowstone geoecosystem c or higher geol 3520 earthquakes and volcanoes of the pacific northwest c or higher geol 3530 crossing the appalachia folded rocks c or higher geol 4500 field geology ii c or higher students must take the following physics

entrepreneurship concentration entr.conc.15 about any student majoring in business administration accounting or economics may also add a concentration to their major the entrepreneurship concentration allows students to demonstrate to potential employers or graduate schools particular competence in entrepreneurship within the broader context of the student’s degree program students must complete the following courses for the concentration entr 3010 innovation entr 3020 entrepreneurial finance entr 4010 entrepreneurship entr 4020 entrepreneurial investments entr 4030/3850/4850 entrepreneurial internship could serve as a substitute for entr 4010 or entr 4020 if a student did two internships the class could substitute for both the substitution must be filed in the office of records else school of management 211 ay

course coding policy the course coding policy of millsaps college is as follows courses belong to a department each department has a four-letter department code each course has a four-letter subject code a department can choose to use their department code as a subject code for every course in their department or they may have multiple subject codes for the courses within their department course descriptions undergraduate courses are four numeric digits long • the first digit indicates the class level with 1 primarily for first year students 2 for sophomores 3 for juniors and 4 for seniors • the department determines the second digit • the department determines the third digit often times the third digit refers to classes taken over two semesters • 0 the class is just one semester • 1 it is a two-part class and this is the first semester • 2 it is a two-part class and this is the second semester • the fourth digit indicates whether the

eurs 4850-3 european studies internships for seniors 1-4 sem hours eurs hi-hii honors project 1 and 2 1-4 sem hours finc finance courses finc 1700-3 finance undergraduate research for freshman 1-4 sem hours finc 1750-3 finance special topics for freshman 1-4 sem hours finc 1800-3 finance directed/independent study for freshman 1-4 sem hours finc 1850-3 finance internships for freshman 1-4 sem hours finc 2700-3 finance undergraduate research for sophomores 1-4 sem hours finc 2750-3 finance special topics for sophomores 1-4 sem hours finc 2800-3 finance directed/independent study for sophomores 1-4 sem hours finc 2850-3 finance internships for sophomores 1-4 sem hours finc 3000 principles of corporate finance 4 sem hours this course introduces corporate finance concepts emphasis is placed on financial decision making within the corporation in such areas as capital investment capital structure working capital management and financing the firm the student is also introduced to

and employs a set of methods to analyze and make recommendations for solving the problem or explaining the phenomenon those methods include conceptual analysis definitional clarification problem identification assumption identification possibility gridding logical analysis field observation and experimental research students interested in this course should contact the instructor to discuss their particular interest while the philosophy department has significant resources for projects in biomedical ethics and medicine students may wish to propose projects in law public policy religion or science offered every year in fall and spring semesters phil 3700-3 philosophy undergraduate research for juniors 1-4 sem hours phil 3750-3 philosophy special topics for juniors 1-4 sem hours an upper-level course on special issues not regular ly covered by the curriculum special topics courses offered in recent years include existentialism pragmatism gender and technology sexual ethics philosophy