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contents contents introduction hand tools 154 our values 6 fastening 156 history 8 knives 160 job site solutions 10 levels 166 focusing on the next generation 12 marking 168 sponsorship 14 measuring 174 services repair warranty 16 pliers 178 saws cutters 187 screwdrivers 190 snips scissors 192 storage 194 work gear 204 stiletto hammers 209 batteries chargers 18 m12™ batteries 22 m18™ batteries 23 power source 25 starter packs 25 chargers 26 accessories one-key™ 28 tools 33 power packs 36 equipment tracker 37 power tools 38 applicators 44 drain cleaning 46 drills 48 grinding metalworking 56 heated gear 64 impacts fastening 68 instruments 88 lighting 94 outdoor power equipment 100 press tools 102 radios speakers 106 rotary demolition hammers 108 sanders polishers 122 saws cutters 128 shears nibblers 142 vacuums 144 power packs 148 210 cutting sawzall® blades steelhead™ circular saw blades jigsaw blades portable bandsaw blades multi-tool blades 212

one-key™ how it works 1 create create profiles by dialling in speed and power 3 outperform 2 save set custom profiles to tool with unmatched control speed for the most consistent results one-key™ save up to 4 modes and cycle between modes on tool after the tool is set you no longer need your phone m18 fuel™ 13mm hammer drill/driver with one-key™ m18 fuel™ 1⁄4 hex impact driver with one-key™ .0 1% 500-0 .0  500-0 features features complete customisation via one-key™ app to tune the tool to your needs select from a range of application profiles or quickly create your own for perfect results on every trigger pull control speed torque start and end speeds for your workspace dial in performance control speed torque start and end speeds anti-kickback functions and led for optimised runtime accessory life specifications 18v 18v 135nm 203nm rpm 0–2,000 0–3,000 ipm 0–32,000 0–3,700 13mm 1⁄2 metal

55&3 4 3 34 grinding metalworking 125mm 5 angle grinder 1,550w 79 55&3 4 3 34 grinding metalworking 0  ™ 0  ™ features powerful 1,550w motor features high overload protection and maximum power milwaukee® electronics offer soft start line lock-out electronic clutch and overload protection electronic variable speed trigger fixtec system for tool-free fast and easy disc changes ™ tool includes 1x agv15-125xe 1x tool-free adjustable guard 1x anti-vibration side handle specifications voltage 240v power input 1,550w disc diameter 125mm rpm 11,000 max cutting depth 33.4mm weight tool only 2.6kg m18 fuel™ 1⁄4 die grinder 230mm 9 angle grinder 2200w features 7 slide lock-on switch slim body design for easy handling easy interchangeable collets for all-purpose usage electronic clutch features tool-free adjustable guard specifications specifications voltage collet size 18v ⁄4 6.35mm 6mm 8mm paddle lock-off deadman switch voltage

55&3 4 3 34 instruments m12â„¢ m-spectorâ„¢ 360 275cm inspection camera . - 500-0 features 55&3 4 3 34 instruments optimised 2.7 lcd display digital technology and large screen deliver crisp clear image 275cm camera cable gives user extended reach in pipes and air ducts without the hassle of buying and connecting additional bulky inflexible extensions shorter camera head for tighter turns flush lens prevents build-up bevelled edges reduce friction specifications voltage 12v cable length screen size 2.7 display resolution sensor pixel density m12â„¢ m-spector flexâ„¢ 275cm inspection camera 2.75m 0  ™ 0  ™ brightest led workspace illumination 320p x 240p 640 x 480 zoom audio photo video recording weight tool only 0.7kg tool only includes power tools power tools . 7$ 500-0 1x m12ic-0l 1x hook 1x magnet 1x mirror battery and charger sold separately features optimised 3.5 lcd display digital technology and large screen deliver crisp

l a r ge medi um 55&3 4 3 34 0  ™ hammervac dust extractor – m18-28cpdex-0 page 121 tm m18 fuelâ„¢ 28mm 3-mode sds plus rotary hammer 900w 32mm 3-mode sds plus rotary hammer m18 fuelâ„¢ 40mm 2-mode sds max rotary hammer 1,100w 40mm 2-mode sds max rotary hammer . 1$ 5 . 1 500-0 1 9 . $ 5 . $ 500-0 ,4 features features features features 3-mode operation provides rotary hammer hammer-only and rotation-only for maximum versatility 3-mode operation provides rotation-only hammer drill and chiselling avs anti-vibration system delivers maximum comfort by minimising vibration tough durable hammer with excellent drilling performance in concrete from the high-torque motor and gears integrated led light for illuminating dark workspaces compatible with hammervacâ„¢ dust extractor – m18-28cpdex-0 page 121 fast tool changing from the fixtec system with keyless chuck â„¢ 2-mode operation provides chipping and

55&3 4 3 34 vacuums m18™ compact vacuum .$7 500-0 features 55&3 4 3 34 vacuums easily adaptable from handheld to stationary hepa filter will collect 99.97 of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns lock-on switch reduces fatigue during sustained use specifications voltage 18v air flow volume 1,019 l/min canister capacity 1.1l inlet diameter 32mm length 400mm weight tool only 0  ™ 0  ™ clear viewing canister window gives the user ability to see debris build-up 1.9kg tool only includes power tools tm m12™ compact vacuum m18™ wet/dry vacuum .7 500-0 7$ 500-0 features versatile attachments allow for small to large area clean-up onboard accessory and hose storage for quick access to accessories clear viewing window makes it easy to see canister fill level stackable tool box design for added portability and easier storage lock-on switch reduces user fatigue during extended use large capacity reduces downtime to emptying ideal for both

55&3 4 3 34 marking inkzall™ black ultra fine point markers 4 pack  overview features milwaukee® inkzall™ ultra fine point markers are optimised for job site conditions the durable tip is designed to withstand writing on rough surfaces and writes through dust wet or oily contamination clog-resistant tip pocket clip quick dry time lanyard hole anti-roll design long cap-off life 55&3 4 3 34 marking chalk reel 0  ™ inkzall black ultra fine point pens 4 pack ™ milwaukee® chalk reels provide users with a durable and high-performing chalk reel featuring exclusive stripguard™ clutch combined with power tool-inspired planetary gear system providing the longest gear life in chalk reels for added productivity milwaukee® chalk reels feature a fast retraction ratio of 6:1 high-strength braided bold line creates clear bold lines and resist abrasion from tough job site conditions 0  ™ overview  inkzall™ colour ultra fine point

30 46 steel storage chest cabinet bags cases  matte powder coat finish premium drawer liners top 2 drawers split construction individually locking drawer work surface built-in power centre multiple anchor bolts for customised tool storage 45kg soft-close drawer slides power tool organiser corner bumpers lockable casters reinforced angle iron base tools not

55&3 4 3 34 drilling hole dozerâ„¢ general purpose au kit – 19 piece hole dozerâ„¢ kits  kit includes hole dozerâ„¢ hole saw kit – 10 piece  kit includes 1x 22mm 1x 35mm 1x 51mm 2x arbors 1x 29mm 1x 44mm 1x 64mm 2x pilot bits 1x 16mm 1x 32mm 1x 64mm 2x arbors 2x 20mm 1x 40mm 1x 76mm 2x pilot bits 1x 22mm 2x 51mm 1x 89mm 2x 25mm 1x 54mm 1x 92mm 55&3 4 3 34 drilling  hole dozerâ„¢ hole saw kit – 13 piece kit includes  1x 19mm 1x 38mm 1x 67mm 1x 105mm kit includes 1x 22mm 1x 44mm 1x 76mm 1x 108mm 1x 25mm 1x 51mm 1x 83mm 1x 114mm 1x 29mm 1x 54mm 1x 86mm 1x 121mm 1x 32mm 1x 57mm 1x 92mm 3x arbors 1x 35mm 1x 64mm 1x 95mm 3x pilot bits 1x 19mm 1x 35mm 1x 51mm 2x arbors 1x 22mm 1x 38mm 1x 54mm 2x pilot bits 1x 29mm 1x 44mm 1x 64mm hole dozerâ„¢ plumbers au kit – 14 piece 108&3500-4 108&3500-4 0  ™ 0  ™ hole dozerâ„¢ hole saw kit – 28 piece door lock installation  features kit

55&3 4 3 34 fastening shockwave™ driver bits – phillips shockwave™ driver bits – square recess features optimised shockzone™ absorbs peak torque and prevents breaking precise-fit custom-machined tip prevents stripping and reduces wobble custom alloy76™ steel maximises resistance to wear and shock 55&3 4 3 34 fastening square recess insert bit – expand 48324421 #1 2 pack 48324605 #2 5 pack 48324772 #2 25 pack 48324422 #2 2 pack 48324607 #2 10 pack 48324423 #3 2 pack 48324473 #3 50mm 2 48324487 t30 50mm 2 #1 2 pack 48325003 #2 15 pack 48324444 reduced diameter #2 2 pack 48324412 #2 2 pack 48324604 #2 25 pack 48324413 #3 2 pack 48324601 #2 5 pack 48325009 #2 25 piece – includes bit holder square recess power bit 48324471 #1 50mm 2 48324572 #2 89mm 31⁄2 48324472 #2 50mm 2 48324795a #2 89mm 31⁄2 25 pack 48324606 #2 50mm 2 5 pack 48324805 #2 150mm 6 phillips power bit 48324461 #1 50mm 2 48324862a #2 50mm 2 250