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stay connected — even on the road mini connected keeps a wide range of intelligent services and apps right at your fingertips in addition to getting directions keeping in touch with friends and finding parking mini connected is also your high-tech assistant with these services and more emergency request sos push the sos button to send your location and vehicle information to our response center in some cases your mini calls automatically we can request help on your behalf direct you to the nearest hospital or police station or notify emergency contacts advanced real-time traffic info artti streamline your trip with the latest traffic information along your route as well as in the area easily view traffic flow and nearby events such as construction and accidents to always keep you connected with the roads around you concierge want to know the best french restaurant or a four-star hotel talk to a friendly response specialist who will direct you and can even send the destination address and telephone number to your vehicle teleservice service request your vehicle’s service status and needs are transmitted automatically or manually upon your request your mini service advisor then contacts you to schedule a convenient appointment.