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the inside track on our iconic design from a revolutionary design idea precipitated by a global crisis to a car trend inspired by the race track our path from then to now has been filled with twists and turns did you know a 1959 fuel crisis in england inspired the creation of the first mini despite being a mere 10 feet long engineers were able to comfortably seat four passengers by creating the world’s first mass-produced transverse engine and pushing the vehicle s wheels out to the corners the mini plant oxford built its 10 millionth mini — a 60 year edition hardtop — which rolled off the assembly line on july 24 2019 our iconic contrasting roof and mirrors were originally invented to help mini stand out from the pack in races when a contrasting roof is ordered the whole vehicle is first painted with the body color then it s moved into another line where the roof is taped off by hand the moonroof hole is covered and the whole car below the roof line is wrapped up it finally goes through the paint booth again this time painted the contrasting roof color mini doors are perfectly balanced and weighted to close on their own from roughly 8 inches away removing the need to slam the door our black pearl dark grey and black pearl light grey interiors are made from recycled plastic all us-bound mini are driven on a short low-speed test track indoors and a long high-speed test track outdoors which include varying rumble zones made from cobblestones tight turns quick stops and fast acceleration zones afterwards each car is visually inspected from underneath for anything out of the ordinary the us is the only market in the world treated this way.