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accreditation miracosta college embraces accreditation as an ongoing process designed to promote educational quality and institutional effectiveness institutional accreditation miracosta college is accredited by the accrediting commission for community and junior colleges accjc western association of schools and colleges wasc 10 commercial boulevard suite 204 novato ca 94949 415 506-0234 an institutional accrediting body recognized by the council for higher education accreditation and the u.s department of education additional information about accreditation including the filing of complaints against member institutions can be found at http www.accjc.org the college is also approved by the california department of education for the training of veterans under the provisions of the g.i bill of regulations specialized program accreditation the following miracosta college programs have additional accreditation through their respective agencies registered nursing program approved by

student support programs services driver s license containing a photograph temporary california driver s license containing a photograph state-issued identification card containing a photograph u.s military id card active duty reserve or dependent driver s license issued by a canadian government authority driver s license issued by the district of columbia american samoa guam puerto rico or virgin islands u.s passport foreign passport alien registration card green card california department of corrections privilege card [cdc 130-a7-88 matrícula consular card have their picture taken and the card made while they wait make sure they have a current sticker on the card in the testing center students must wait at least 24 hours after their initial test before retesting the course placements are open to students who have submitted an application for admission or who are currently enrolled acceptable photo identification is required individuals who do not intend to enroll at miracosta

transferring course work psyc 211 learning and behavior modification f 14 3 these courses may be used to partially satisfy the area d requirement soc 101 introduction to sociology 3 soc 101h introduction to sociology honors 3 area e—lifelong learning self-development soc 102 contemporary social problems 3 soc 103 social psychology 3 bus 136 human relations in business f 13 3 soc 105 introduction to justice studies 3 chld 113 comparative cultures 3 child and adolescent growth and development f 11 3 soc 110 soc 120 introduction to women s studies 3 chld 205 health safety and nutrition f 11 3 soc 130 introduction to gender studies 3 chld 235 children in a diverse society 3 3 coun 100 college and career success 3 csit 165 living in an online world 3 soc 140 introduction to lgbt studies select one course a minimum of 3 units is required soc 145 psychology/sociology of the family f 11 3 gero 101 introduction to aging f 11 3 soc 207 race and ethnic relations f 10 3 heal 101

areas of study courses auto 200 automotive hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles total units 4 auto 141 automotive engine performance and drivability 4 24 auto 155 manual transmissions and transaxles 4 auto 156 automatic transmissions and transaxles 4 auto 160 automotive suspension steering and alignment 4 auto 161 automotive brake service and repair 4 auto 200 automotive hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles 4 certificate of achievement california smog check technician the california smog check technician certificate prepares students for the california smog technician licensing examination and entry-level positions as smog check technicians and positions in the automotive reconditioning field program student learning outcome statement or auto 235 upon completion of this program students will possess the knowledge necessary to sit for the state of california smog technicians examination and the skills necessary for entry-level employment as a smog technician in a stateapproved smog

areas of study courses communication csu campuses may require additional lower-division major preparation this degree may not be appropriate preparation for students transferring to a csu campus not accepting this degree or to a university or college that is not part of the csu system students should consult with a miracosta counselor for further information regarding the most efficient pathway to transfer as a communications major and to determine which csu campuses are participating in this program to complete the degree students must fulfill the following requirements complete a minimum of 60 csu-transferable semester units complete all courses required in the major with a “c” or p or better complete the csu-ge plan b p 84 or igetc plan c p 90 general education pattern obtain a minimum csu-transferable gpa of 2.0 complete a minimum of 12 units in residence at miracosta college the communication studies program provides students with a theoretical and methodological

areas of study courses dram 130 acting i units 3 prerequisites none acceptable for credit csu uc lecture 2 hours laboratory 3 hours course typically offered fall spring dram 134 introduction to performance units 3 prerequisites none acceptable for credit csu uc lecture 3 hours course typically offered fall or spring this course focuses on the fundamentals of acting and performance techniques based on stanislavski s principles it emphasizes the ability to express thought emotion and character through the effective use of voice movement and script analysis students are required to attend live theatrical performances c-id thtr-151 this course explores the theories principles techniques and practices of performance topics include ritual play performativity performing performance process and global and intercultural performances the classroom experience requires performance application and includes performances to entertain create beauty mark or change identity make or foster community

areas of study courses humanities courses humanities is an interdisciplinary study of human thought and culture such as philosophy literature and the arts students take humanities courses to explore the discipline and to satisfy general education requirements with a bachelor s degree in humanities students pursue careers in education communication art and public relations as well as professional positions in museums theatres and art centers academic and career pathway languages communication and humanities humn 101 introduction to the arts units 3 prerequisites none advisory ace 150 engl 50 esl 150 or eligibility determined by the english placement process enrollment limitation not open to students with prior credit in humn 101h acceptable for credit csu uc lecture 3 hours course typically offered fall spring this course introduces students to interdisciplinary humanities the course explores at least six humanities subjects such as cinema dance music and opera architecture theater

areas of study courses mat 180 digital publishing adobe indesign units 3 prerequisites none advisory mat 110 and mat 170 acceptable for credit csu lecture 2.50 hours laboratory 1.50 hours course typically offered fall spring this course introduces students to adobe indesign the page layout software program used by professional graphic artists to publish ads business cards brochures postcards newsletters magazines books and more it involves considerable hands-on instruction and projects similar to those faced by today’s designers students learn how to prepare documents for professional publication how to format type import images use styles generate tables create swatches and apply shortcuts students learn typographic and publishing techniques basic design principles and how to apply spot and process color students will examine troubleshoot and package digital files for output to a commercial press and for the web mat 182 web publishing adobe muse units 2 prerequisites none

areas of study courses plsc 150 introduction to international relations units 3 prerequisites none acceptable for credit csu uc lecture 3 hours course typically offered fall spring this course introduces students to the major explanations for international conflict cooperation and other important dynamics of global affairs it also examines the relationships between selected countries and the resulting political economic and social consequences the course emphasizes the analytical skills and techniques used by practitioners in this field c-id pols-140 plsc 292 internship studies units 0.5-3 prerequisites none corequisite complete 75 hrs paid or 60 hrs non-paid work per unit enrollment limitation instructor dept chair and career center approval may not enroll in any combination of cooperative work experience and/or internship studies concurrently acceptable for credit csu course typically offered to be arranged this course provides students the opportunity to apply the theories and

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