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areas of study courses list a 6 units select two courses it is recommended you select courses that meet lower-division major preparation requirements at your intended transfer university adm 210 criminal procedures adm 220 criminal evidence adm 230 policing in a diverse and multicultural society adm 270 crime and delinquency adm 280 criminal investigation 6 or soc 101h 6-7 3 adm 230 policing in a diverse and multicultural society 3 adm 240 written and oral communication in the administration of justice 3 organized crime gangs and terrorism statistics for behavioral science honors adm 270 crime and delinquency business statistics adm 280 criminal investigation statistics soc 105 introduction to justice studies 18-19 course satisfies a general education requirement on the csu-ge or igetc general education pattern to ensure this degree is completed with no more than 60 units students should select courses that will also satisfy a general education requirement course is required major preparation at csu san marcos csusm students planning to transfer to csusm are advised to select psyc 104 or psyc 104h to complete this degree for more information on this major at csusm please refer to the articulation agreement at assist.org note students are strongly advised to select courses that meet lower-division major preparation requirements at their transfer university and to complete the history constitution and american ideals requirement prior to transfer certificate certificate of achievement law enforcement as the criminal justice system responds to the increasing complexities of our society education becomes even more essential for those seeking careers as peace officers as well as for law enforcement personnel seeking advancement within the field the law enforcement certificate includes courses covering the most significant knowledge skills and abilities that better facilitate a student s success in acquiring and being successful in law-enforcement related jobs in addition successful completion of the certificate requirements provides an excellent foundation for transfer and the pursuit of higher degrees in law-enforcement related fields program student learning outcome statement upon completion of this program the student will be prepared for further study and/or employment in entry-level positions in the criminal justice system required courses 108 criminal evidence police field operations statistics for behavioral science adm 100 3 adm 220 adm 260 total units 3 adm 250 introduction to sociology honors psyc 104 or math 103 concepts of criminal law criminal procedures introduction to computer/digital forensics general psychology or bus 204 adm 200 adm 210 adm 107 introduction to sociology psyc 101/101h or psyc 104h introduction to the administration of justice honors select at least 9 elective units from the following list b 6-7 units select two courses soc 101 or adm 100h introduction to the administration of justice miracosta college 2019-2020 catalog 3 total units 9 27 courses adm 100 introduction to the administration of justice units 3 prerequisites none enrollment limitation not open to students with prior credit in adm 100h acceptable for credit csu uc lecture 3 hours course typically offered fall spring and summer this course explores the roots of our current justice system and the interaction of its various subsystems law enforcement prosecution judicial and corrections it emphasizes the organizational structure and legal consideration relevant to each subsystem topics include the origin of law theories of crime causation criminal procedure and sentencing philosophies and alternatives the course also introduces students to sources of criminal justice information and statistics uc credit limitation credit for adm 100/adm 100h or soc 105 c-id aj-110.