Spring 2018 Continuing Education Schedule by Miracosta College

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spring 2018 miracosta.edu/noncredit 7 phone 760.795.8710 short-term vocational automotive courses basic auto tune-up   ncvoc50 lecture and laboratory class automotive tune ups light maintenance electrical systems emission controls brakes and tires no automotive experience necessary 3344 new f 6–9:20 p.m 1/26–5/18 pianowski j oc4001 oceanside career technical education introduction to career technical education ncvoc43 this course provides students an overview of the career technical education courses certifications and programs available at miracosta college topics include student options for technical training at miracosta and the pathways to complete training and prepare for a career this is a noncredit course that allows students to better plan for their course of study before committing to a credit course of study 3447 mtwth 10:30 a.m.–12:10 p.m 3/26–5/17 staff clc119 oceanside computer courses computer basics/keyboarding    ncvoc38 this course introduces students to the windows environment as well as to computer terminology hardware and software students use the internet utilizing a web browser and conduct basic searches using a variety of search engines students also learn fundamental keyboarding skills including home row keyboarding skills in order to develop some level of speed and accuracy using typing programs local or online 3345 s 8:10–11:40 a.m 1/27–3/17 strong m clc131 oceanside 3346 s 8:10–11:40 a.m 3/31–5/12 strong m clc131 oceanside times dates instructor location city class days key