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register for classes fees at a glance spring 2020 after miracosta college processes your application typically within two business days you will receive an email with information about our online registration system accessible at surf.miracosta.edu you must log in and set up a password then you’ll use to register for your classes registration fee $46/unit for california residents high school students exempt health services fee registration groups $19/semester student center fee $1/unit up to $10/year find the registration group a b c d e or f to which you belong on pages 11–12 and then reference the chart on page 13 to find your exact registration date group a optional fees student id card $6 special populations parking permit $35—car $17.50—motorcycle students in this group include veterans receiving va benefits or who have been discharged from the military within the last four years.† for a detailed explanation of required and optional fees visit miracosta.edu/fees homeless or foster youth.‡ persons determined to be nonresidents of california pay an additional per-unit fee of $265 some exemptions to residency requirements exist fees subject to change eops dsps and calworks students.‡ active duty military.§ to receive and maintain priority registration new and continuing group a students must do the following complete placement process orientation and advisement veterans and active duty military must complete a comprehensive education plan within their first semester at miracosta college others in group a must complete an education plan within two semesters maintain good academic standing with at least a 2.0 gpa and complete at least 50 percent of enrolled units excludes homeless and foster youth and not exceed 90 degree-applicable units students in the bachelor of science in biomanufacturing degree program homeless foster youth and dsps are exempt from the 90 unit limitation miracosta college spring 2020 credit courses † proof of discharge date california residence and previous college enrollments may be required veterans who have been discharged within the last 15 years and have not taken advantage of priority registration for more than four years may request priority registration through the admissions records office ‡ priority within these groups is not automatic and students must be verified by the eops or dsps offices homeless students may contact financial aid for verification § must show proof of military id and request priority registration through the admissions records office 11