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Mirage Granito Ceramico Spa, Via Giardini nord, 225 - 41026 Pavullo (MO) - Italy
Tel. +39 0536 29611

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the ways of representing of the subject the time of the end ra 10 10 the italian civil code component video to s video bank to bank porcelain stoneware tiles instrucciones de uso precio de los modelos gres tiles 13 x 13 stone wall tile 2 x 4 stone wall tile made in italy 19 x 19 x 5 box 13 x 13 boxes 25 x 25 x 22 box price of the tile full floor design that has been completed front office forms like check in forms 12 sae to 12 sae 4x4 to 4x4 tile for floor and wall 5 s in cleaning and maintenance in case of fire 10 sae to 08 sae internal parts of the alternator characteristics of a catalogue printed catalogue different kinds of general references kinds of general references example of an author catalogue three kinds of catalogue catalogue for printing parts of general references industrial products catalogue where to apply for catalogue the 8 general reference mirage is gres porcellanato porcelain stoneware iso 10545 2 porcelain stoneware tile en 14411 en 14411 b manuale uso e manutenzione gres porcellanato 45 x 45 todos los productos swimming pools parte gres porcellanato tiles gres porcellanato 4 x 4 tiles porcelain tiles gres porcellanato lingua italiana porcelain floor tiles gres porcellanato tile swimming pool neutral detergent

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l a n ost raazi en da design strategy and innovation worldwide our company u na solida realtà internazionale che da oltre 40 anni progetta e realizza pavimenti e rivestimenti in gres porcellanato per spazi commerciali pubblici e residenziali ricerca ed innovazione del prodotto know-how analisi dei trend stilistici sono questi i motivi che hanno reso mirage ® un punto di riferimento per tutti gli operatori del settore uno staff che dialoga costantemente con oltre 160 nazioni tracciando quotidianamente i confini dell’abitare contemporaneo [1 mirage gra nito c e ra mic o s .p.a pav ul l o it al y [2 mirage usa h e a dqua rt e r n ashv ille t n [6 [1 [5 [3 [2 [4 [3 mirage wa re h ous e los angeles ca [4 mirage wa re h ous e atlanta ga [7 [5 mirage wa re h ous e kear ny n j [6 mirage p roje c t p ojnt m i l ano it al y [7 mirage p roje c t p ojnt dubai uae [en a solid international company that for over 40 years has been designing and manufacturing porcelain stoneware

effe t to le gn o a l lways the harmony and grain of wood are softened by warm and neutral colours ranging from cream to white through to bolder shades such as grey and charcoal consulta il sito mirage per tutte le immagini look up mirage website for more pictures floor and wall cabin aw 03 20x120 8”x48” sp rect 68

ef f e t to cemen to re s in a g loca l floor ideal gc 03 160x160 63”x63” sp rect wall iron gc 20 160x320 63”x126” sp rect tables jewels calacatta reale jw 02 60x60 24”x24” luc rect 132

eff e t to m a rm o jewel s consulta il sito mirage per tutte le immagini look up mirage website for more pictures black gold jw 11 60x60 24”x24” luc rect listello elegant white jw 09 7x60 24 5”x24” luc tozzetto black gold jw 11 7x7 2 4/5”x2 4/5” luc 196

eff e t to cemen to re s in a mash u p d ecori decors dekore decors decoros Декоры 装饰砖 ca rat te rist ich e te cnich e technical specifications technische eigenschaften caractéristiques techniques características técnicas Технические характеристики 技术特征 ma t toncino n at standard en 14411 g 30x30 12”x12” tessere 2,4x4,8 1”x2” caratteristiche tecniche technical data technische daten caracteristiques techniques caracteristicas tecnicas ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ 技术特征 norma standard norm norme norma ЗНАЧЕНИЯ 标准 valori prescritti dalle norme en 14411 g valore medio mirage international standards en 14411 g mirage average value internationale normwerte en 14411 g

effe t to pie t ra ard e nesi or r floor svart rr 03 120x120 48”x48” nat sq wall grå rr 02 160x320 63”x126” nat sq counter portnoy grå rr 02 30x30 12”x12” nat 324

des i g n popjob the colour range includes 6 colours in neutral and pastel shades the shiny lapped surface obtained with an innovative “twin-surface” technique guarantees the development of a uniquely intense colour floor pop beige pj 11 14,4x57,9 6”x24” luc rect wall pop beige pj 21 14,4x29,7 6”x12” luc rect 388

des ignre pl a i n colori colours farben couleurs colores Цветов 种颜色 puro salvia pa 07 pa 14 latte perla pa 06 pa 03 beige grigio polvere pa 10 pa 15 terra cenere pa 12 pa 02 mosto terra pa 12 60x60 24”x24” nat rect 452 nero pa 13 pa 01

effe t to le gn o s u nd eck the essentiality of three colours brings to life the essence of wood in porcelain stoneware a collection designed for outdoor environments with a thickness of 20 mm and r11 non-slip surface for maximum safety and durability origin sd 01 30x120 12”x48” rd rect evo_2/e™ classic sd 02 60x60 24”x24” rd rect evo_2/e™ 516 20 mm 517 20

des i g n xg on e riassunt ivo formati e d imba lli summary of sizes and packaging Übersicht über formate und verpackungen récapitulatif formats et emballages sinóptico de formatos y embalajes Краткая информация о форматах и упаковках 规格和包装概述 colo ri colours farben couleurs colores Цветов 种颜色 pa 01 pa 01 pa 02 h1 h2 h5 ox00 ox01 ox02 h2 h3 h4 ox03 ox04 ox05 h1 h3 h4 h5 hl hp ox06 ox07 ox08 ox09 ox10 ox11 pa 03 pa 02 pa 14 pa 13 pa 12 pa 03 pa 14 pa 10 pa 06 pa 13 15 cm h1 30 cm h2 60 cm 60 cm 60 cm h3 h4 h5 pa 12 d ecori decors dekore decors decoros Декоры 装饰砖 pa 10 60 cm 60 cm hl hp pa 06 580 h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 ox12 ox13 ox14 ox15 ox16 h1 h2 h3 h4 ox17 ox18 ox19 ox20 h1 h2 h3 h4 ox21 ox22 ox23 ox24 h1 h4 h5 ox28 ox29 ox30 h1 h2 h3 h4

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