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FRx-S10 by Mirage Speakers

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Catalogue: Mirage Speakers FRx-S10
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features new pure metal dome tweeter time domain equalizer benefits low distortion and fantastic transient response means sweet natural highs provides great dispersion and a wide soundstage and faithful high frequency reproduction brand new and coherency in the midrange proprietary for natural vocals and deep advanced composite tight bass performance technology mid bass drivers injection molded copolymer woofer baskets high efficiency immune to the ringing associated with stamped metal baskets clearer bass reproduction will perform perfectly with either high or low powered components the better the connection and speaker wire the better the performance of the speaker frx·five frx·seven 5 way gold plated binding posts specifications model system type magnetic shielding frequency response tweeter woofer frx·five vented floor standing yes 40hz 22khz 3 3/4 19mm pure metal hybrid 6-1/2 16.5cm injection molded polypropylene cone with butyl surround 2k 90db 8 ohm compatible 15-150 watts

construction unique inventors two speakers are simply too few to capture today s cinematic experience at home that s why mirage® developed the frx-series of loudspeakers all tailor-made to handle the special effects of today s hollywood blockbusters from thundering dinosaurs to wartime battles on the beach in addition to the frx s two bookshelf and three floor standing-models mirage® now offers an outstanding timbre-matched center channel and an omnipolar® rear channel that perform marvelously with even the most demanding movie soundtracks innovation performance rear surrounds complementary in its design with the other speakers in the series the frx-center is vented and magnetically shielded incorporating a pure metal hybrid dome and two 4-1/2 injectionmolded woofers the frx-rear satellites feature two pmh dome tweeters and a 5-1/2 woofer both are rated at 15-100 watts rms/channel and add a whole new dimension to your listening pleasure thinking home theater then think the frx center

features mosfet amplification frx·s8 benefits greater reliability coupled with superior performance the power output of the subwoofer is clean with very low distortion isolated power supply the subwoofer runs quietly free of unwanted noise internal heatsinks increased motor structure size auto on/off circuit frx·s10 protection circuitry efficient heat dissipation maximizes performance while permitting flexible placement incredibly low and very powerful accurate bass response for handy convenience it is unnecessary to manually turn the subwoofer on and off the speakers are efficient and free of unwanted noise clipping circuitry cpc ensures clear and undistorted bass reproduction magnetic shielding revised input sensitivity frx·s12 allows placement in close proximity to a television or computer for various home theater options can be efficiently used with any product on the market high voltage output receivers are easily accommodated and lower voltage systems are granted a liberal use of is not a reseller or dealer of Mirage Speakers.

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