2-1/2" Fan Tail Shrimp, 3-3/4" Shrimp 2017 by Mister Twister

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Catalog 2-1/2" Fan Tail Shrimp, 3-3/4" Shrimp 2017

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2 1/2 fan tail shrimp 0srg-natural shrimp 7bkgc golden bream rattle chamber in tail to add sound and enhance tail action actual size 0rs-measles 14rbk-mangrove red ls-luminescent np-new penny laminated da10ls-silktreuse luminescent laminated hb0aj-opening day laminated shown clear for demonstrative purposes only -not available as a color fan tail flips during presentation to imitate a natural swimming action lots of leg action exude™2-1/2 fan tail shrimp 8 shrimp 3 rattles /resealable bag stock sefts8 its fan tail “flips” during presentation to imitate the natural swimming action of a live shrimp in addition the tail includes a rattle chamber that not only produces fishattracting sound but it adds weight to the tail resulting in enhanced motion rig it on a mister twister® saltwater jighead and depending on the speed of your retrieve you will be able to fish it at virtually any depth the key to effective artificial shrimp presentations is tail action and sound