D.A.R.T., Saltwater Sassy Shad® 2017 by Mister Twister

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d.a.r.t actual size mangrove red shown np new penny 1p gnoaj green sardine/mosquito white pearl 14rbk mangrove red 0srg natural shrimp op old penny 0g clear/gold flake 14bk watermelon seed 7bkgc golden bream exude™ 4-1/4 d.a.r.t 8/resealable bag saltwater 8/resealable bag freshwater the exude™ 4¼ d.a.r.t uses the ten distinct ribs on its underside to mimic juvenile bait fish how first they displace water creating turbulence that kicks up bottom sediment just like a feeding baitfish second the ribs increase surface area allowing maximum release of exude™ formula and creating a scent that predators recognize as food plus the d.a.r.t.’s round solid body gives this lure enough mass to make casting or skipping it a breeze even against a stiff wind on a jighead the d.a.r.t will stand up from the bottom attracting redfish trout snook and flounder stock price be sure to add the color code se42d8 $4.93 after the stock e42d8 $4.93 saltwater sassy shad ® white