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Sporting Goods > Fly Fishing

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double tail ™ 4 split double tail™ patented 4 double tail™ 1-white 1-white 2-yellow 3-black 2-yellow 14rs watermelon red silver flake 10s chartreuse flake 10-chartreuse 8-orange 10s-chartreuse flake 3-black 11bks pumpkin pepper 3bs-black blue flake 1bps shiny pearl blue silver flake 11bks pumpkin pepper 10 chartreuse da10-milktreuse 4 split double tail™ 10/resealable bag bulk 100/bag 4 double tail™ be sure to add the 4/resealable bag color code after 10/resealable bag the stock bulk 100/bag 2 double tail™ 6/resealable bag 12/resealable bag bulk 100/bag 310-black chartreuse 39-black/red 198-brown/orange 2 double tail™ 10schartreuse flake 1-white 7bks smoke/black flake stock no sdt10 sdt100 stock no dt4 dt10 dt100 stock no 2dt6 2dt12 2dt100 price ea 3.95 25.62 price ea 2.24 4.07 33.01 price ea 2.30 3.02 19.07 mister twister® double tails and split double tails are the perfect trailers rig them to a spinner bait buzz bait or