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fat curly tail ® maximum action at ultra low speed makes this an excellent choice for casting flipping split shot fishing carolina rigs texas rigs it also makes a great trailer for spinner baits in-line spinners and swim jigs 5 fat curly tail ® 9/resealable bag stock be sure to add the 5ct9 color code after the price stock $4.20 1p-white pearl 05n-bluegill 74s-smoke purple flake 109-chartreuse red core 7bks-smoke black flake 10s-chartreuse silver flake 14bk -watermelon seed 13rgns -junebug red 1410bk-watermelon seed/chartreuse tail 310black/chartreuse 14rbk watermelon red 15bk-green pumpkin 7bks10-smoke/black flake chartreuse tail 35-black/blue tail curly tail ® grubs 2 teenie™ • 3 meeny™ curly tail® grubs solid and flake sf 1p-white pearl 1-white 8-orange 14bbg-watermelon blue black gold flake 2-yellow 3-black 4-purple 10s-chartreuse flake 9r-rocket red 6-pink 11bks-pumpkin pepper 10-chartreuse ls-luminescent da10-milktreuse multicolors bloodline