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flip n out a great flip n bait with a soft sturdy compact ribbed body and paddle appendages for maximum water displacement to help bass find an easy meal in thick cover its two longer claw-like paddles and mister twister® curly tail® legs generate a lifelike fleeing motion that s irresistible the body’s recessed centerline creates perfect hook placement what s one feature setting this bait apart the body’s smooth scaled finish on one side and deep textured ribs on the other by rigging the flip’n out with the hook on the smooth side the lure will fall a little faster than if rigged on the ribbed side testing revealed a 17 difference in the fall rate between the two rigging options mister twister® 4 flip’n out 8/resealable bag saphire blue shown stock price be sure to add the color code after the stock 4fno8 $6.54 laminated colors solid/flake/swirl colors top bottom new color sl15bk5magic craw swirl n15bgn-toledo pumpkin sas -south african