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magnum sinsation the 5 magnum sinsation is sinsationally effective and versatile rigged any way you prefer texas-rigged carolina-rigged on a swim bait head a scrounger head or in place of a skirt on favorite spinnerbait buzzbait or chatterbait it s perfect for punching or even works as an oversized drop-shot bait two front curly tails produce lift glide and pulsating for visual attraction the back half of the body is thinner allowing the oversized curly tail to swim sinsationally ® green pumpkin blue shown ® the entire body is ribbed and covered with a series of poc’it chambers to increase water disturbance and slow its swim solid color laminated colors top bottom view 1p-white pearl top swirl color bottom gp5bs -okeechobee craw top sl3ps5-hematoma flake colors 3rs-black neon bottom dgwr -california 420 top 13rgns -junebug red bottom 14pbk-baby bass top mike cork bottom 71pbs -smokin’ shad 5 magnum sinsation 6/resealable bag 4 9bgn-red bug 14rbk-watermelon