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Catalog Micro Crawfish, Micro Shad, Nymph 2017

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micro crawfish 32gn la craw 7rs smoke/red flake 24 natural n39 black red the mister twister® micro crawfish is a great micro mania lure that can fool even the most cautious slab crappie big bream or trout it’s the perfect duplication of a baby crawfish designed to mimic mother nature the mister twister® micro crawfish comes in the natural colors fish love fish it with a 1/16 oz or 1/32 oz jighead or rigged on a single hook for a natural presentation micro shad 103-chartreuse black back 31-white pearl black back 10s-chartreuse flake 1p-white pearl mister twister® downsized its sassy shad® one of the most successful lures of all time to produce the micro shad only 1-1/8” long the micro shad is designed specifically for trout crappie and bream rig it on a 1/64 oz jighead proven design and a great color selection make the mister twister® micro shad perfect for both the trout and panfisherman nymph perfect for trout or panfish 219-yellow/brown 198-brown/orange