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magnum sinsation the 5 magnum sinsation is sinsationally effective and versatile rigged any way you prefer texas-rigged carolina-rigged on a swim bait head a scrounger head or in place of a skirt on favorite spinnerbait buzzbait or chatterbait it s perfect for punching or even works as an oversized drop-shot bait two front curly tails produce lift glide and pulsating for visual attraction the back half of the body is thinner allowing the oversized curly tail to swim sinsationally ® green pumpkin blue shown ® the entire body is ribbed and covered with a series of poc’it chambers to increase water disturbance and slow its swim solid color laminated colors top bottom view 1p-white pearl top swirl color bottom gp5bs -okeechobee craw top sl3ps5-hematoma flake colors 3rs-black neon bottom dgwr -california 420 top 13rgns -junebug red bottom 14pbk-baby bass top mike cork bottom 71pbs -smokin’ shad 5 magnum sinsation 6/resealable bag 4 9bgn-red bug 14rbk-watermelon

comida® dgwc-louisiana 220 15bbk-green pumpkin blue 15bkpcgreen pumpkin purple/copper flake dgwr-california 420 3rs9bs-red river special 15bk-green pumpkin 9bs-plum n310-black/chartreuse 158bk-watermelon crawfish green pumpkin blue shown the mister twister® comida with salt is 11 grams of bass food it s the perfect meal for a hungry bass rig it as a wacky worm drop shot style fish it with split shot or dead stick it 5” comida with salt 10/resealable bag stock be sure to add the color mt5c10 code after the stock price $4.66 3bs-black/blue flake 14pbk-baby bass 11bks-pumpkin pepper matt delaney 14bk-watermelon seed 14rbk-watermelon red 14pgns-watermelon candy watermelon/purple green flake 13gns-junebug grape/green flake www.mistertwister.com customer service call 800-344-6331 m-th 8 am 4 pm

poc it paddle tail black/blue flake/blue shown 14rbk-watermelon red the poc it paddle tail emits a unique vibration pattern and has a very fish-like profile plus the poc its produce an enticing bubble trail it makes a great swimjig trailer 5 poc it paddle tail 9/resealable bag stock be sure to add the color 5pipt9 code after the stock price $4.54 15bk-green pumpkin 13rgns-junebug red 9bgn-red bug 14bk-watermelon seed 14mcs-bull bream 15rbk-green pumpkin red 14pbk-baby bass 3rs-black neon 35bs-black/blue flake/blue 71pbs-smokin’ shad gp5bs-okeechobee craw wmjb-bama bug poc it phenom ® new color 13rgns-junebug red 9gns-cranapple 5bs-sapphire blue wm0pgn-watermelon candy core 14bk-watermelon seed wm0rs-watermelon red core 14rbk-watermelon red 11bks10p-pumpkin pepper/chart pearl 15bk-green pumpkin 93-red/black wade hudgens the poc it phenom® combines the action of a curly tail® worm with the attraction of bubble-producing poc its try swimming it on a jig like a

twister ® tails 4 twister® tail 10/resealable bag solid/flake 10/resealable bag multicolor/bloodline 20/resealable bag solid/flake 20/resealable bag multicolor/bloodline bulk 100/bag solid/flake bulk 100/bag multicolor/bloodline be sure to add the color code after the stock colors 1 1p 2 3 4 7s 9 10s ls 11bks 10 da10 74s 16 93 143 198 122bk 0s6 091 108 310p 1 1p 2 3 4 7s 9 10s ls 11bks 10 da10 74s 16 93 143 198 122bk 0s6 091 108 310p 1 1p 2 3 4 7s 9 10s ls 11bks 10 da10 74s 16 93 143 198 122bk 0s6 091 108 310p mister twister® 4 twister® tail price ea 2.69 3.35 3.93 5.29 17.09 20.73 mister twister® invented the curly tail® grub more than 40 years ago and it remains one of the most effective fishing lures ever the tail action is unbeatable for almost any gamefish 74s-smoke/purple flake 1p-white pearl stock 4tsf10 4to10 4tsf20 4to20 4tsf100 4to100 0s6-clear/silver flake/firetail 1-white 11bks-pumpkin pepper 16-white/firetail 2-yellow 108-chartreuse/orange

vie shiner 128bk10p-lime blk flk orange blk flk/chartreuse 591-blue/red/white 31-white pearl/black back 9010s-red/clear/chartreuse flake 31p10s-black/pearl chartreuse silver flake n122bk-lime black flake/yellow 3610s-black/pink/chartreuse flake n12bk1p-lime black flake/pearl 3s0s0rs-black silver flk clear silver flk/clear red flk n3rs10p-black red flake chartreuse pearl lime black flake/yellow shown designed and tested by crappie guides and tournament anglers in 3 states the vertical twin paddle tails displace more water create more vibration and impart an extreme swimming action small 1¾ shiner profile with an enhanced scale pattern every vie shiner is laminated tri-colored or multi-colored for added visibility super versatile– use for jigging trolling side trolling or drop shotting 310-black/chartreuse 13gns10-junebug/chartreuse 51p0s-blue/pearl/clear silver flake n3rs1p-black red flake/pearl 0s510s-clear flake/blue chartreuse silver flake 0s-clear silver flake/black back

jerk rat 5.5 jerk rat 4/resealable bag stock jr4 price $4.13 be sure to add the color code after the stock • slides across the thickest cover • weedless in any condition 1p-white pearl 10s-chartreuse/silver flake 3-black 15bk-green pumpkin • double-tails emit pulsating action • unique profile provides effective option to the frog tri-alive ® 3 3 meeny™ 15/resealable bag stock tamt15 price $4.33 be sure to add the color code after the stock 31pb-blue shad 1810pr-firetiger meeny ™ 128bg-perch 14pbk-baby bass s1bps-silver shiner 31pg-tennessee shad 31pr-bloodline shiner 19p8-pond crawfish g1bps-golden shiner 186pbk-rainbow trout perfect imitations of the food provided for fish by nature panfish shiners shads and perch colors so alive and natural even the wariest fish find them irresistible tri-alive ® 3 here is a great selection of proven mister twister® grubs in exciting tri-alive® colors rig them anyway you like they are

double tail ™ 4 split double tail™ patented 4 double tail™ 1-white 1-white 2-yellow 3-black 2-yellow 14rs watermelon red silver flake 10s chartreuse flake 10-chartreuse 8-orange 10s-chartreuse flake 3-black 11bks pumpkin pepper 3bs-black blue flake 1bps shiny pearl blue silver flake 11bks pumpkin pepper 10 chartreuse da10-milktreuse 4 split double tail™ 10/resealable bag bulk 100/bag 4 double tail™ be sure to add the 4/resealable bag color code after 10/resealable bag the stock bulk 100/bag 2 double tail™ 6/resealable bag 12/resealable bag bulk 100/bag 310-black chartreuse 39-black/red 198-brown/orange 2 double tail™ 10schartreuse flake 1-white 7bks smoke/black flake stock no sdt10 sdt100 stock no dt4 dt10 dt100 stock no 2dt6 2dt12 2dt100 price ea 3.95 25.62 price ea 2.24 4.07 33.01 price ea 2.30 3.02 19.07 mister twister® double tails and split double tails are the perfect trailers rig them to a spinner bait buzz bait or

jigs trout bait whether you fish for slab crappie hawg bass or trophy tackle bustin’ stripers mister twister® has the jig you need all our hand-tied jigs feature ultra-durable finishes available only in the colors shown 1-white striper bucktail jigs striper bucktail jigs ½ oz striper bucktail 1/bag ¾ oz striper bucktail 1/bag 1 oz striper bucktail 1/bag 1½ oz striper bucktail 1/bag stock no price ea be sure to add the color code after the stock sbj12-1 sbj34-1 sbj10-1 sbj15-1 $3.57 $2.95 $3.95 $6.12 10-chartreuse 91-red/white lightnin bug ® crappie jig 65pflsogluminescent chartreuse feather rainbow trout green flash 61bf-pink/white feather black flash 198f-crawfish 2-yellow 19pf-white/red feather pink flash 11bf-white/white feather blue flash lightnin bug stock ® be sure to add the color crappie jig price 1/32 oz – 3/card 1/16 oz – 3/card 1/32 oz – 2/card lj332 $2.98 code after the stock 1/16 oz – 2/card lj316 $2.98

d.a.r.t actual size mangrove red shown np new penny 1p gnoaj green sardine/mosquito white pearl 14rbk mangrove red 0srg natural shrimp op old penny 0g clear/gold flake 14bk watermelon seed 7bkgc golden bream exude™ 4-1/4 d.a.r.t 8/resealable bag saltwater 8/resealable bag freshwater the exude™ 4¼ d.a.r.t uses the ten distinct ribs on its underside to mimic juvenile bait fish how first they displace water creating turbulence that kicks up bottom sediment just like a feeding baitfish second the ribs increase surface area allowing maximum release of exude™ formula and creating a scent that predators recognize as food plus the d.a.r.t.’s round solid body gives this lure enough mass to make casting or skipping it a breeze even against a stiff wind on a jighead the d.a.r.t will stand up from the bottom attracting redfish trout snook and flounder stock price be sure to add the color code se42d8 $4.93 after the stock e42d8 $4.93 saltwater sassy shad ® white

electric fisherman less time cleaning fish more time fishing two year limited warranty ® comfort lightweight contoured handle for better control and ease of use cutting power extra sharp blade 7 standard 8 and 9 available and high-torque heavy duty motor for maximum cutting cycles per minute cpm and fast easy filleting durability tough extendable power cord high-impact motor housing and a two-year limited warranty ease of use quick & convenient blade release and safety lock mister twister® electric fisherman® electric fisherman® knife 7 replacement blade 8 replacement cuda blade 9 replacement blade carrying case stock price mt-1201 rb-1201 rb-1208 rb-1209 kc-1201 $38.56 $11.51 $12.74 $12.01 $10.58 the electric fisherman® fillet knife is warranted against defects in materials workmanship for 2 years from the date of original purchase mister twister® reserves the right to repair or replace units that are returned during the warranty period if a the

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