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Catalog Poc-it Craw 2017

mister twister watermelon seed watermelons seeds neon color code color code k i 7 color code color code r black color code color code 54 customer services www ae com www s com craw poc it its it 5 mister twister twister special pumpkin crawfish pumpkins bug 3 bugs bugs bream pumpkins seed pumpkin seeds pumpkins seeds sas swirled blue pumpkin seed red bug c c river watermelon 800 jigs jigging rig rig 2 rig p rigs river blue bug body traps p trap p trap 1 african river red s trap texas laminator texas seed lamination seed

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Sporting Goods > Fly Fishing

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poc it craw 15bbk-green pumpkin blue new color juju shown 14bk-watermelon seed sl15bk5-magic craw swirl 14cpr-’meloncpr 310p-black/chartreuse pearl 14rbk-watermelon red 35-black/blue f5r-flippin blue red laminated colors sl3ps5-hematoma top bottom with a natural crawfish profile mister twister s poc it craw draws aggressive strikes perfect for texas-rigging plus makes a great jig trailer the underside of its body has pockets that trap air and release bubbles during the retrieve to increase vibration and create a life-like effect 31/2 poc it craw 9/resealable bag stock price 35pic9 $4.54 be sure to add the color code after the stock sas-south african special slf5jb-flippin’ blue bug wmjb-bama bug 3rs9bs-red river special 3rs-black neon 11bgn8-juju dgwc-louisiana 220 13rgns-junebug red 15bko19bs-louisiana river craw brent bonadona gp5bs-okeechobee craw 14mcs-bull bream 15bk-green pumpkin dgwr-california 420 www.mistertwister.com customer service call 800-344-6331 m-th