Poc-it Hawg Raiser™ 2017 by Mister Twister

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Catalog Poc-it Hawg Raiser™ 2017

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Sporting Goods > Fly Fishing

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poc it hawg ™ raiser penetration shown sl3ps5-hematoma flake/solid/swirl colors the poc it hawg raiser™ features oversized curly tails® on long flexible legs that are positioned behind two side tabs to increase action and vibration this design allows the side tabs to have maximum range of motion and eliminates “collapsing” common to similar style lures when the bait is fished fast 5 poc it hawg raiser™ 7/resealable bag stock price 5pihr7 $4.54 kyle guidry be sure to add the color code after the stock slf5jb-flippin blue bug sas-south african special laminated colors top bottom 00p-cotton candy 3rs9bs-red river special 9bgn-red bug 13gns-junebug dgwc-louisiana 220 14pgn-watermelon candy 14bk-watermelon seed gp5bs-okeechobee craw 14rbk-watermelon red 15bbk-green pumpkin blue n35s-penetration 15bk-green pumpkin 3rs-black neon 8 dgwr-california 420 www.mistertwister.com customer service call 800-344-6331 m-th 8 am 4