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rt slug chicken on a chain shown lsst-luminescent 0bkst-salt pepper silktreuse tail silktreuse tail 1-white the exude™ 5 rt slug features a thin body but tall lifelike profile with a belly hook slot that hides the hook making it weedless but also makes it easier to set the hook fish the exude™ rt slug on an offset hook its frantic darting and gliding motion simulates an injured shad plus the exude™ formulation delivers a fleshy real feel and natural taste this shad imitation releases scents and stimulants just like a real injured shad exude™ 5 rt slug 8/resealable bag saltwater 8/resealable bag freshwater obksp-salt pepper shad 14pbk baby bass n126bs funky chicken n14bk1-watermelon seed/white 71pbs smokin’ shad 14rbk mangrove red n71p alewife hboaj-opening day be sure stock to add the color code serts8 after the e5rts8 #stock price $4.93 $4.93 1pst-white pearl silktreuse tail 14bk watermelon seed coac-chicken on a chain glow