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top prop ™ -rattling patented proper rigging bb-baby bass 2 push the entire keeper™ hook bayonet into the head of the split double tail™ trailer watermelon red silver flake tail ordinary buzz baits sink when the retrieve stalls with the top prop™ you can stop it buzz it stop twitch until the bass can’t stand it and with the top prop’s attached stinger hook hook-ups dramatically improve top prop™ fishing is weedless fish it in heavy weeds lily pads and around cover where big bass hang out the thicker the muck the better it works chartreuse silver flake tail 1 slip the top prop s stinger hook onto the bend of the keeper™ hook 3 insert the point of the keeper™ hook into the back of the split double tail™ pushing it through until the point of the hook comes through the top back it off slightly and you’re ready for truly weedless fishing yellow tail gc-green crawfish frg-frawg smoke black flake tail black blue flake