VIE Shiner, Tri-Color Mini Tube 2017 by Mister Twister

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vie shiner 128bk10p-lime blk flk orange blk flk/chartreuse 591-blue/red/white 31-white pearl/black back 9010s-red/clear/chartreuse flake 31p10s-black/pearl chartreuse silver flake n122bk-lime black flake/yellow 3610s-black/pink/chartreuse flake n12bk1p-lime black flake/pearl 3s0s0rs-black silver flk clear silver flk/clear red flk n3rs10p-black red flake chartreuse pearl lime black flake/yellow shown designed and tested by crappie guides and tournament anglers in 3 states the vertical twin paddle tails displace more water create more vibration and impart an extreme swimming action small 1¾ shiner profile with an enhanced scale pattern every vie shiner is laminated tri-colored or multi-colored for added visibility super versatile– use for jigging trolling side trolling or drop shotting 310-black/chartreuse 13gns10-junebug/chartreuse 51p0s-blue/pearl/clear silver flake n3rs1p-black red flake/pearl 0s510s-clear flake/blue chartreuse silver flake 0s-clear silver flake/black back