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a little over thirty years ago the release of betamax and vhs revolutionized the world of home entertainment by bringing prerecorded video content into the home ten years later the next breakthrough format laserdisc first made its way onto our screens fast-forward to 1997 and the dvd format amazed us with its visual clarity and portability needless to say we ve witnessed some astonishing a/v progress in a very short period of time the launch of the hd dvd and blu-ray disc formats in 2006 represents a quantum leap in recorded high-definition media 2006 also marks onkyo s 60th year in the a/v industry with our roots steeped in audio excellence and home theater innovation onkyo looks forward to melding the promise of high-definition technology with a/v components that draw their strength from build quality proven expertise and emotive

tx-nr1000 thxtm ultra2tm certified 7.1-channel a/v surround home network receiver black silver as onkyo s flagship home network receiver the thx ultra2 certified tx-nr1000 is a pure expression of upgradeable functionality forwardthinking technology and unrivalled build quality that will effortlessly drive the most demanding home theater based on easily replaceable modules and upgradeable software the tx-nr1000 is prepared for future developments in hardware surround sound formats digital entertainment broadcasting advanced networking processing circuits and interface standards it also includes high-definition multimedia interface hdmi and i.link ports for the high-resolution high-bandwidth transfer of digital video and audio signals in addition there s an ethernet port to enable a net-tunetm client processor to distribute computer-based music files or internet radio to up to 11 clients on the same network perfectly adaptable for and compatible with multi-room playback and automation

tx-sr674 7.1-channel a/v surround home theater receiver black silver moving beyond the level of purely functional home theater the tx-sr674 gives you everything you need for audibly powerful visually expressive home entertainment the first consideration should be the essentials like rock-steady amplifier power and performance through wide range amplifier technology wrat and the cleanest audio signals generated by vector linear shaping circuitry vlsc and with hdtv in mind the tx-sr674 also offers upconversion through either high-definition multimedia interface hdmi or component video it s even compatible with the latest hd dvd players through its multichannel inputs and can deliver xm hd surround sound through the xm connect and play port designed to bring the best out of your room s unique environment courtesy of the onboard audyssey 2eqtm room acoustics correction technology the tx-sr674 stands out as one of the more complete a/v receivers in its class · 95 w/ch continuous 8 ohms

tx-sr504 7.1-channel a/v surround home theater receiver · 75 w/ch continuous 8 ohms 20 hz­20 khz ftc · dts®-estm discrete/matrix dts® neo:6 dts® 96/24 dolby® digital extm dolby® pro logic® iix · h.c.p.s high current power supply massive high power transformer · 192 khz/24-bit dacs for all channels · hdtv-capable 50 mhz component video switching 3 inputs and 1 output · wrat wide range amplifier technology · advanced 32-bit processing dsp chip · 4 digital inputs 3 optical/1 coaxial · 3 s-video inputs and 2 outputs · subwoofer pre out · cinemafiltertm · a-form listening mode memory · optimum gain volume circuitry · double bass function · color-coded 7.1 multichannel inputs ready for dolby® digital and dts® audio formats for high-definition discs · speaker a/b drive · color-coded dual banana plug-compatible speaker posts except speaker b · crossover adjustment 40/50/60/80/100/120/150/200 hz · a/v sync control function up to 100 ms · xm ready with xm hd

dv-sp404 hd conversion dvd/cd/mp3 cd player · plays dvd-video dvd-r/rws dvd+r/rws mp3-encoded cds wma-encoded cds cd-r/rws,video cds audio cds and jpegencoded cds · hdmi output for video and audio · divx® video playable · hd conversion to 720p/1080i · progressive scan video output with indicator · 96 khz/24-bit audio dac · 108 mhz/12-bit video dac · coaxial digital output · 96 khz or 48 khz selectable digital output · component video s-video composite video outputs · on-screen display english/french/spanish/german/italian · 32-track programming · passes pluge signals · auto dynamic range control · brushed hairline aluminum front panel · remote control discs that have not been properly finalized may only be partially playable or not playable at all black silver dv-cp704 6-disc hdmi dvd/cd/mp3 cd changer · plays dvd-video dvd-r/rws dvd+r/rws mp3-encoded cds wma-encoded cds cd-r/rws,video cds audio cds and jpeg and hd jpeg-encoded cds · hdmi output for video and

black ht-s894 complete 5.1-channel a/v surround home theater system the appeal of a complete home theater system easy to set up allinclusive and ready to go is obvious to all the reality all too often can be a deflating experience weak lifeless audio with few playback options and poor integration the ht-s894 complete 5.1-channel home theater system has a different approach hdtv connectivity through highdefinition multimedia interface hdmi or component video with upconversion inspired amplifier design room acoustics correction and compatibility with the soon-to-be-released high-definition dvd discs as well as with xm radio and the ipod® by blending convenience with functionality the ht-s894 is a perfect entry point for compelling home entertainment 5.1 multichannel inputs ready for dolby® digital and dts® audio formats for high-definition discs · independent crossover adjustment for f/c/s/sb 40/50/60/80/100/120/150/200 hz · a/v sync control function up to 100 ms · xm ready with

sks-ht540 7.1-channel home theater speaker system skm-540s/skb-540 2-way bass reflex surround/surround back speakers · 3 1/8 cone woofer · 3/4 ceramic tweeter · frequency response 60 hz­20 khz · impedance 8 ohms · max input power 130 w · dimensions whd 6 7/8 x 10 7/16 x 4 · weight 3.1 lbs skf-540f 2-way bass reflex front speakers · 5 omf diaphragm woofer x 2 · 1 balanced-dome floating tweeter · frequency response 55 hz­50 khz · magnetically shielded · impedance 8 ohms · max input power 130 w · dimensions whd 6 3/16 x 17 1/16 x 7 7/8 · weight 8.4 lbs skw-540 bass reflex powered subwoofer · built-in 230 w amplifier · auto-standby/on circuitry · output level control · 10 cone woofer · frequency response 25 hz­150 hz · dimensions whd 10 13/16 x 18 5/8 x 16 7/8 · weight 25.4 lbs skc-540c 2-way bass reflex center speaker · 5 omf diaphragm woofer x 2 · 1 balanced-dome floating tweeter · frequency response 55 hz­50 khz · magnetically shielded · impedance 8

cr-315s d-n7xb emitting the sweetest sharpest sounds the biggest challenge for compact audio systems is to take any music genre and reproduce a detailed balanced audio output judging the cs-315 cd receiver system on that basis alone we have a winner anchored around onkyo s wide range amplifier technology wrat the cs-315 excels in revealing the nuance of cds and mp3 tracks recorded to disc and even tracks on your ipod® don t forget its mobility this system will easily slot into most spaces that you choose forming a competent audio chain with the distinctive d-n7x 2-way bass reflex speakers the cs-315 creates all the right impressions cs-315 cr-315 silver cd receiver system d-n7xb 2-way bass reflex speakers · tone control · 25-track programming · 4 timer mode settings play or rec/once or every · sleep timer · 40 fm/am presets · aluminum front panel · compatible with ri dock for the ipod® · full-function ri remote interactive remote control · dimensions whd 8 1/16 x 4 9/16

glossary thxtm technology and quality assurance filmmaker george lucas originally created thxtm as a studio-reference monitoring tool and thx ltd is now recognized as the leading provider of product and venue certification for the cinema and home entertainment industries thxtm surround extm extends the 5.1-channel format by adding a back surround channel matrixed from the left and right surround channels thxtm select2tm for small to medium-sized rooms is a certification standard that features thx listening modes including thx cinema,thx music and thx games modes as well as adaptive speaker array asa technology for optimizing playback of multichannel movies music and video games in the home thxtm ultra2tm is designed for larger dedicated home theater environments both certification programs include thx features such as timbre matchingtm bass managementtm adaptive decorrelationtm and re-equalization re-eqtm 192 khz/24-bit dacs we include these extremely effective digital-to-analog

specifications a/v receivers amplifier section power output1 8 20 hz-20 khz ftc front l r center surround l r surround back power output1 6 1 khz ftc front l r center surround l r surround back 2 dynamic power front 3 4 8 thd rated power damping factor 1 khz 8 input sensitivity and impedance phono mm cd and tape play output level and impedance tape rec pre out frequency response audio cd in direct mode s/n ratio phono mm cd/tape phono overload 1 khz tone controls bass mid treble 150 w/ch 150 w 150 w/ch 150 w/ch l/r 200 w/ch 200 w 200 w/ch 200 w/ch l/r 340 w/ch 260 w/ch 175 w/ch 0.05 all channels 60 2.5 mv 50 k 200 mv 50 k 200 mv 470 1.0 v 470 5 hz-100 khz 1 db 3 db 80 db ihf-a 5 mv input 95 db ihf-a 0.5 v input 120 mv rms 0.5 thd ± 12 db at 50 hz ± 12 db at 1 khz ± 12 db at 20 khz 105 w/ch 105 w 105 w/ch 105 w/ch l/r 135 w/ch 135 w 135 w/ch 135 w/ch l/r 240 w/ch 180 w/ch 125 w/ch 0.08 all channels 60 2.5 mv 47 k 200 mv 47 k 200 mv 470 1.0 v 470 5 hz-100 khz 1 db 3 db 80

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