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partner product ebg 247-en c mako application server mitsubishi electric solution for web applications integration of web services into the control level of your plants easy setup of dynamic web applications flexible access to worldwide production facilities direct data base connection more security with secure socket layer

real time logic flexible access to your plants cloud communications mitsubishi electric c controller previously dumb remote devices are becoming increasingly intelligent feedback from these devices plays a vital role in optimising production environments to boost productivity reduce waste integrate with the wider supply chain optimise logistics reduce energy usage and more to bring this functionality onto the plant floor though it must first be industrially rugged further it must have a small enough footprint to run on standard industrial controllers in addition it must be absolutely secure and finally it must be simple to program manage and use this evolution of intelligence has advanced even to the product being manufactured products can now communicate their status as they move through production addressing these requirements mitsubishi electric has worked with e-f@ctory partner real time logic to integrate its mako server a compact web server ideal for rapid design of server-side

real time logic providing everything that is required to produce sophisticated web applications in a single complete package mako server promises to save time cost and effort applications are developed using lua scripting language which is very easy to learn embedding mako server into the c controller means all communications to and from the plc and the connected equipment are pre-configured so there is no need to write any communications protocols mako server power consumption application security considerations lua can easily be edited using any editor functions included as standard include  event handler – asynchronous bi-direction https protocol  lua server pages including lua virtual machine  ssl/tls client/server including ssl certificate  raima database sqlite database and lua sql bindings  web services – json-rpc xml-rpc and soap  https client libraries  client and server secure tcp socket api  mail smtp client embedded device security is vital

real time logic typical application setup db server server www tablets benefits include  fast and easy development of web solutions  faster time to market with actual reliable information from production  easy integration of tcp/ip based protocols like weihenstephaner etc  up to date design that’s user friendly with an app-like look and feel mail on event of production ethernet e nergy e nergy got hmi robots servos european offices i/o inverters representatives russia geva wiener straße 89 a-2500 baden phone +43 02252 85 55 20 austria beijer electronics a/s lykkegardsvej 17 dk-4000 roskilde phone +45 046 75 76 66 denmark beijer electronics sia ritausmas iela 23 lv-1058 riga phone +371 06 784 2280 czech rep mitsubishi electric europe b.v radlická 751/113e avenir business park cz-158 00 praha 5 phone +420 251 551 470 spain mitsubishi electric europe b.v carretera de rubí 76-80 apdo 420 e-08190 sant cugat del vallés barcelona phone +34 0 93 5653131 ooo