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codian robotics high speed pick and place delta robot with seamless integration into the mitsubishi electric controller partner product ƒƒ highly dynamic with mitsubishi electric servo technology ƒƒ lightweight construction ƒƒ easy to program using standard mitsubishi ­robot programming tool ƒƒ integrated safety ­functions ƒƒ developed for the ­packaging

codian robotics innovative robot solutions mitsubishi electric has extended its expertise in robots to now encompass delta robots working with codian robotics to deliver a high speed pick-and-place solution built on mitsubishi servo technology that integrates seamlessly with the mitsubishi electric controller this could be done directly with the mitsubishi robot controller or with the motion solution pick and place in excellence when manufacturers look to ramp up the speeds of their production lines it is the manually intensive aspects of pick and place for packaging and assembly that quickly become a bottleneck where the items to be picked are relatively lightweight with simple geometries then delta robots can offer an effective and reliable high quality high speed option that can reduce costs 2 mitsubishi electric has worked with e-f@ctory alliance partner codian robotics to integrate codian’s industryleading portfolio of delta robots seamlessly into the mitsubishi electric

codian robotics control with simple motion with plc open fb the codian robotics delta robots are designed to support pick and place applications in nice markets with their optimized variety of solutions they enhanced the mitsubishi robot portofolio typical applications such as food beverage cosmetics and pharmaceuticals – all areas where mitsubishi electric has an unrivalled reputation for high quality automation systems high performance hygienic applications as an innovator in the development of parallel kinematic robot technology codian robotics has driven the use of lightweight and application specific materials such as carbon fibre titanium anodised aluminium stainless steel and plastics the codian robotics hd series is specially designed to be a hygienic delta robot the result is a optimal hygienic model cavity free with sloping rounded surfaces and no bolts on the exterior of the robot body gearboxes servo motors and cables are fully enclosed and the robot meets ip69k

codian robotics integrated in the mitsubishi electric controller gear boxes from e-f@ctory codian robotics d4 series partner wittenstein robot programming tool iq system max 8 axis teaching box built in sscetnetiii codian d2 robot mr-j4 servo programming with standard function blocks using simple motion module of iq-f l q or iq-r plc series sscetnetiii european offices representatives russia geva wiener straße 89 a-2500 baden phone +43 02252 85 55 20 austria czech republic autocont c.s s.r.o kafkova 1853/3 cz-702 00 ostrava 2 phone +420 595 691 150 czech rep mitsubishi electric europe b.v radlická 751/113e avenir business park cz-158 00 praha 5 phone +420 251 551 470 spain mitsubishi electric europe b.v carretera de rubí 76-80 apdo 420 e-08190 sant cugat del vallés barcelona phone +34 0 93 5653131 ooo technikon prospect nezavisimosti 177-9 by-220125 minsk phone +375 017 393 1177 belarus hans fØlsgaard a/s theilgaards torv 1 dk-4600 køge phone +45 4320 8600