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warranty extended product life peace of mind with extended warranty and repair support 3 i want to use the products i purchase without having to worry service support 3-year warranty 1 you can use our plcs and hmis without worry with our free 3-year warranty our free warranty lasts for 3 years from the date of purchase or delivery to your specified location2 products covered by our 3-year warranty plc melsec series iq-r series q series l series to local conditions the warranty period differs 1 due in china please contact our chinese sales offices mitsubishi electric automation china ltd 2 warranty period is defined by our corporate regulations unless otherwise noted 42 months from manufacture including a maximum distribution period of six months after shipment from manufacturing micro-plc melsec series iq-f series fx series i want to keep using a discontinued product a little longer 7-year repair support we offer repair services for up to 7 years after a product has been discontinued consumables and some overseas models are excluded we provide a chargeable repair service for seven years after a product has been discontinued discontinuation is normally announced through technical bulletins sales and service teams etc typically a discontinued unit is superseded by a newer model past models will no longer be available 10 as the repair services differ depending on the model and the sales office please contact the sales office motion controllers iq-r series q series l series hmi got2000 series got1000 series