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caravan trucks fa caravan trucks bringing the latest models to you i m interested in the latest models but i haven t got time to go to the showroom we want more customers to see touch and learn about mitsubishi electric fa equipment so we ve loaded our caravan trucks with the latest fa products and are dispatching our fleet all over the world with them we can hold an exhibition in the corner of your parking lot no need to travel far or reserve a meeting room we are looking forward to hearing from you our trucks loaded with the latest fa equipment will come and visit you at your office we always keep our trucks stocked with the latest fa products allowing you to experience them in person 3 service support caravan trucks get your hands on the real thing and give it a try operational fleet japan 5 fa 3/robots 2 india thailand united states of america china mexico 2 1 2 1 1 we plan to increase the number of vehicles where available fa caravan truck 7