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training school training school training and education support — in your region and language i want my engineers trained according to their skill level how should i train my engineers training in the local language training school locations as of march 2017 china taiwan korea japan singapore indonesia vietnam thailand india u.s.a mexico brazil germany u.k czech republic russia poland turkey and italy q plcs fx plcs positioning plc networks melsecnet/h maintenance g hmi-related got2000 got1000 g servo-related ac servo practices motion controllers maintenance g inverter-related inverter practices maintenance we offer a total of up to 40 courses divided by level from the basics to advanced applications our courses can be used for a wide variety of purposes from learning about basic equipment information to supporting individual products 3 number of supported courses in japan number can vary between countries satellite training series outline of training courses g plc-related increase skills with courses divided by level service support fatec training school provides training using actual equipment from basic operation to applied programming training is held at fa centers and fa center satellites in each country we offer a selection of training courses to meet your needs as well as an on site training service our dedicated staff at each location offer instruction in the local language to assist in the training and education of your engineers g robot-related robot practices are you having trouble with training of local staff at overseas factories we have explaining videos dvd and textbooks in seven local languages you can also watch the explaining videos on youtube japanese english chinese thai vietnamese indonesian latin american spanish only part 2 the courses listed above are only examples supported courses may vary by country see p12-13 or the fa website if within japan for more details 9 youtube and the youtube logo mark are trademarks or registered trademarks of google inc.