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factory automation fr-cs80 compact smart frequency inverters ƒƒ space saving due to low heat design ƒƒ plug and play connection to hmi got ƒƒ perfect motor control by flux vector control with autotuning ƒƒ dc bus connection for energy

fr-cs80 frequency inverters various functions in a small body – compact and smart inverter in-house comparison volume reduction to 57 compact size achieved by the low heat generation design ƒƒ easy to use compatible with all actual keypads environment consciousness in global standard ƒƒ supporting high-speed ­communication rs485 communication as ­standard supporting modbus®/rtu and mitsubishi protocol compliant with the eu rohs ­directive being rohs compliant the inverter is friendly to people and the environment ƒƒ shorter startup time with easy setup easy to configure via f­ r ­configurater2 which is free software and can be downloaded from ­the mymitsubishi website ƒƒ easy connection with got when the automatic connection is enabled the inverter can communicate with the got2000 series simply by connecting the got ƒƒ reduced wiring check time the wiring can be checked easily by lifting the control terminal cover which

fr-cs80 frequency inverters food machinery conveyor wood processing machine general-purpose magnetic flux vector control depending on the type of ingredients with the right amount of low speed torque it is possible to regulate a suitable speed for food production increased excitation ­deceleration the deceleration time can be reduced without using a brake resistor the tact time can be reduced for a transfer line or the like continuous operation function at instantaneous power failure even in the event of an instantaneous power failure motor operation continues without coasting and production is maintained fast-response current limit operation continues and the overcurrent alarm is not activated even if there is a sudden change in load during the cutting of food power failure time deceleration to stop function the motor decelerates to a stop without coasting when power failure or undervoltage occurs this function is useful for stopping the motor at power failure to prevent danger

fr-cs80 specifications specifications type 400 v class applicable motor capacity kw rated power kw rated wxhxd mm current a type 200 v class art no current kw rated power kw applicable motor capacity rated a wxhxd mm art no 325716 fr-cs84-012-60 0.40 0.40 1.2 68x128x118 325720 fr-cs82s-025-60 0.40 0.40 2.5 68x128x118 fr-cs84-022-60 0.75 0.75 2.2 68x128x118 325721 fr-cs82s-042-60 0.75 0.75 4.2 68x128x118 325717 fr-cs84-036-60 1.50 1.50 3.6 108x128x130 325722 fr-cs82s-070-60 1.50 1.50 7 108x128x160 325718 fr-cs82s-100-60 2.20 2.20 10 108x128x160 325719 fr-cs84-050-60 2.20 2.20 5 108x128x130 325723 fr-cs84-080-60 3.70 3.70 8 108x128x160 325724 fr-cs84-120-60 5.50 5.50 12 197.5x150x134 325745 325746 fr-cs84-160-60 7.50 7.50 16 197.5x150x134 fr-cs84-230-60 11.00 11.00 23 180x260x165 325747 fr-cs84-295-60 15.00 15.00 29.5 180x260x165 325748 all modules have the protective structure ip20 options type description art no fr-lu08 graphical operation panel with liquid crystal display 274525