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graphic operation controller a single controller for all automation needs introduction plc key attributes ƒ i/o capacity 48 ƒ main unit 16 i/o and 32 i/o ƒ i/o extension unit analog di/do ƒ communication options  serial rs232 serial rs422/485 ethernet ƒ display graphical lcd 128 x 64 pixels ƒ configurable modbus®/rtu master slave and modbus®/tcp server ƒ cc-link ie field basic master/slave ƒ data logging via sd card up to 32 gb main unit back side view key attributes ƒ 6 models 16 i/o relay transistor sink source and 32 i/o relay transistor sink source ƒ configurable digital inputs 2 hsc 20 khz 2 hardware interrupt 2 encoder 10 khz 2 pulse catch digital i/o hmi i/o mimic annunciator pb lamps input terminal block com2 extension unit com1 extension unit output terminal block analog i/o ƒ 8 inputs ƒ 6 relay outputs 4 inputs 4 outputs 2hsc 2pto i/o1 i/o2 extension extension unit unit ƒ 4 analog inputs v/i 12-bit ƒ 4 analog

graphic operation controller illuminated keys key attributes ƒ 8 illuminated keys keys with dual color bright leds ƒ user configurable operation inch toggle/go to screen ƒ led control red/green/yellow on off/blink slow/blink fast ƒ multi-fold usage combined with slide-in label customization easy customisation of front look ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ insertable side-in labels process mimic brand labeling machine information software features single integrated programming software for plc and hmi – free of charge easy hardware and hmi configuration without the need to invest time in learning two different softwares for plc and hmi select drag and drop different units for configuration select drag and drop different screen objects project explorer with main and extension units project explorer with function and illuminated keys configuration of main and extension units plc editor ƒ number of languages to choose from ƒ built-in function blocks to save time vivid

graphic operation controller advanced function moderate function simple function automation made easy entry level application still stuck to traditional microcontroller based dedicated controller on relay logic time to move on design your own concept with goc and save big on time and money o p wide connectivity to fulfil your basic needs energy meter vfd gsm/gprs modem opc printer servo drive connectivity via serial ports compact yet advanced function liquid level sensor current output type 4–20 ma take this flow control application in the food industry for example supply side motor pump inverter voltage input type 0–10 v dc drain side system configuration flow sensor current output type 4–20 ma

graphic operation controller specification main unit model gc35mh-16mt-ds gc35mh-16mr-d gc35mh-16mt-dss i/o range input output gc35mh-32mt-ds gc35mh-32mr-d gc35mh-32mt-dss 16 8 8 32 16 16 maximum i/o range cpu performance 48 bool 0.3 µsec move byte word 0.3 µsec move dword real program memory size 0.1 µsec 192 kbytes for plc program and hmi program source code and comments 1.5 mbytes data memory 24 kbytes retain memory 1 kbytes power 24 v dc 400 ma 9.6 watt gc35mh-16mt-ds transistor sink output type single phase counter encoder interface pulse catch integrated functions gc35mh-32mr-d relay gc35mh-16mt-dss transistor source gc35mh-32mt-dss transistor source 20 khz 2 nos 10 khz 2 nos min 500 μsec 2 nos real time clock retained up to 2 weeks with super capacitor backup communication rs232 rs422/rs485 ethernet via com extension unit serial protocols ethernet protocols display hmi gc35mh-32mt-ds transistor sink gc35mh-16mr-d relay keys illuminated keys modbus®/rtu master

graphic operation controller specification i/o extension units gc-8ex-es i/o extension type gc-6eyr-es gc-8et-ess gc-4ad-12 gc-4da-12 gc-4uad-10 digital 8 0 4 output points 0 6 0 4 0 4 0 — voltage 0 to 10 v dc current 0 to 20 ma rtd pt100 -50 °c to 150 °c 24 v dc sink/source — 24 v dc sink/source output type — relay 500 ma at 250 v ac and 30 v dc 24 v dc source type 1.5 a/output — resolution — — — optical 1.5 kv between input and internal circuit galvanic between output and internal circuit optical 1.5 kv between input output and internal circuit — — short circuit protection for output protections gc-4hsoxpty high speed digital 4 voltage 0 to 10 v dc -10 to 10 v dc current 0 to 20 ma 4–20 ma isolation gc-4uad-16 analog input points input type gc-4uad-1 oe 4 4 4 0 0 voltage 0 to 10 v dc voltage 0 to 10 v dc current 0 to 20 ma current 0 to 20 ma pt100 pt1000 pt100 thermocouple -50 °c to 450 °c j type k