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factory automation hybrid power source the new way to optimise your energy consumption ƒƒ optimises power consumption of different components ƒƒ maximises the use of renewables when available ƒƒ optimally syncs the electric grid and other power sources automatically ƒƒ maximises the use of the cheapest available power

hps solution a new way to control rising energy costs energy costs continue to rise and climate related taxes grow ever more stringent as governments across the world strive to incentivise industry to reduce emissions that has brought the issues of energy management and emissions reduction to fore across all industrial sectors – not just those traditionally regarded as energy intensive the new hybrid power source hps addresses all these issues the new hybrid power source hps optimises energy usage effective energy management strategies are part of the solution optimising operations to reduce overall energy usage and to eliminate the spikes in demand that can be the most financially punitive a second area to consider is increased use of renewable energy this is undoubtedly sustainable but there are few areas of the world where renewable energy is completely reliable wind turbines can only generate power when the wind blows and solar power plants can only generate power

hps solution the hps business case a water pumping station was drawing some 1,095mwh from the grid at an annual energy cost of €164,250 taking hps to the company mitsubishi electric and avangreen have been able to achieve over 30 energy savings with a payback period of less than four years the grid connection through the use of hps was combined with an on-site solar power installation not only was hps able to optimise the performance of the water pumping station it was also able to maximise the use of the energy produced by the pv plant taking advantage of clean and free energy and only drawing energy from the grid when needed energy requirement from the grid was reduced to 740mwh resulting in an annual energy cost of €111,076 – a 32 saving of €53,173 further with the pv plant costing €200,000 to install hps was able to deliver a return on investment in just 3.7 years roi 3.7 years saving 32 pumping station operated at 1,095mwh €164,250 pa hps

typical hps structure power grid hybrid power system control unit optimised end user energy cost on-site renewable energy source european offices germany czech rep france italy ireland netherlands russia spain sweden turkey uk uae austria belarus belgium belgium bosnia and herzegovina bulgaria croatia czech republic denmark denmark estonia finland finland greece hungary kazakhstan latvia lithuania malta moldova netherlands netherlands norway portugal romania serbia slovakia slovenia sweden switzerland ukraine israel israel lebanon mitsubishi electric europe b.v gothaer straße 8 d-40880 ratingen phone +49 02102 486-0 mitsubishi electric russia llc 52 bld 1 kosmodamianskaya emb ru-115054 moscow phone +7 495 721 2070 mitsubishi electric europe b.v radlická 751/113e avenir business park cz-158 00 praha 5 phone +420 251 551 470 mitsubishi electric europe b.v carretera de rubí 76-80 apdo 420 e-08190 sant cugat del vallés barcelona phone +34 0 93 5653131 mitsubishi electric