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linear transfer system redefining flexible production for smart industry 4789 ebg linear transfer system brochure.indd 1 14/02/2018

linear transfer system challenges of digitalisation through mitsubishi electric’s vision “changes for the better” are possible for a brighter future we bring together the best minds to create the best technologies at mitsubishi electric we understand that technology is the driving force of change in our lives by bringing greater comfort to daily life maximising the efficiency of businesses and keeping things running across society we integrate technology and innovation to bring changes for the better challenges to industry 2 for retailers packaging is a key driver of buying decisions at the point of sale customisation lowered costs and shorter response time to new market trends are increasingly important industry challenges demanding sophisticated solutions incorporating reconfigurable lines higher product mix and improved total cost of ownership 4789 ebg linear transfer system brochure.indd 2 mitsubishi electric is involved in many areas including the following

linear transfer system redefining flexible production mitsubishi electric’s linear transfer system is the world’s most advanced transfer solution for the flow of goods in manufacturing production processes taking production to new levels of efficiency and flexibility at the core of the linear transfer system is the smart carriage – digital line carriage technology in which self-powered individual carriages with onboard intelligence can react and reconfigure production lines autonomously in real time developed by mitsubishi electric in conjunction with e-f@ctory partner apt automation this solution is helping to lead the digitalisation revolution and in the process building a new world of flexible manufacturing onboard power drives the carriage and commands controllers sensors and memory the ability to switch smart carriages on parallel production lines raises production throughput and delivers increased production flexibility state of the art safety systems

linear transfer system smart industry the linear transfer system from mitsubishi electric has been designed to meet many of the current and future challenges facing the manufacturing industry fast flexible and highly configurable the system offers unprecedented levels of production line intelligence and efficiency onboard batteries as well as powering the carriage itself batteries also deliver power to sensors grippers and other on-carriage components the batteries are exchanged automatically for recharging safe safety zone scanner detects presence of operators allowing the smart carriage to operate in a completely cage-free environment 4 4789 ebg linear transfer system brochure.indd 4 14/02/2018

linear transfer system multi-product line smart carriages switches between horizontal and vertical production line tracks enabling multiple product operations to be carried out simultaneously fast 24v dc onboard battery powers the smart carriage at speeds up to 4 metres per second with minimal distance between carriages less than 1mm autonomous decision-making onboard intelligence allows smart carriage to make autonomous decisions – selecting and setting optimal routes in real-time 5 4789 ebg linear transfer system brochure.indd 5 14/02/2018

linear transfer system highly intelligent on the track real-time capability for autonomous decision-making responding to the increasing needs of digitisation the linear transfer system has been designed to react and reconfigure production lines in real time via wireless connection between the linear transfer system and the smart carriage mitsubishi electric servo motion technology allows for such self-directing actions as synchronisation with mitsubishi electric’s melfa industrial robots the smart carriage stores highly detailed information in an advanced data memory and can identify and trace the particular condition of items at any given point in the conveyor the smart carriage is able to make decisions about the best way to reach programmed destinations and as well as detecting products and deciding optimum routes it has the facility to communicate between stations databases and higher level mes systems maximised flexibility and efficiency with 3d multi-layering with the

linear transfer system safety without compromise advanced safety system for a fenceless environment operator safety is addressed without compromising productivity as workers approach the smart carriages will first slow down and then stop but only in the section where there is a potential hazard safety zone scanner functionality automatically detects the presence of operators reducing carriage speed to a safe level and enabling the linear transfer system to operate in a fenceless environment the smart carriage also supports both sto and sls safety protocols integrated collision-avoidance technology prevents impacts while 3g acceleration and braking allows the smart carriage to self-position at high accuracy and speed with a position and repeat accuracy of plus or minus 0.1mm onboard power able to travel up to 4m/sec with loads of up to 5kg or at lower acceleration and speed with a maximum payload of 12 kg the smart carriage is equipped with 24v dc onboard power enabling it to provide

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