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lynca the solution for cad applications easy transfer from cad data to motion program partner product ƒƒ fast transforming of cad to motion data ƒƒ innovative embedded solution ƒƒ easy to learn ƒƒ reaching nc ­performance with ­dynamic servo ­technology from mitsubishi electric ƒƒ quality enhancement by transparent

bilko® from design to motion time-to-market can be critical in many projects so potential hold ups need to be designed out for instance converting a cad design file into cnc machining instructions could previously be time-consuming now mitsubishi electric and bilko automation have combined their expertise to automate this step for two-dimensional operations such as cutting gluing and sealing solution for stonecutting machines mitsubishi electric and e-f@ctory ­partner bilko automation have combined their expertise in machine control to develop a unique solution to 2d material processing for the cnc market mitsubishi electric’s control hardware and bilko automation’s automation software have together created a user friendly controller with easy commissioning that can satisfy all requirements of most jobs scalable control structure 2 thanks to mitsubishi electric’s wide control products range and bilko automation’s deep experience on cad cam software

bilko® solution for milling machines system structure bilko has combined its own software with mitsubishi’s precision motor drives and an sscnetiii control network further i/o can be integrated via serial modbus protocol with any compatible hardware or through tcp/ip with tcp ip compatible remote i/o boards or external plcs like the mitsubishi fx plc global coding standard process information is defined in standard g code format and this information is interpreted by the smart cnc for optimum cnc process control pc based user interface smart cnc is uses a windows® operating systems and runs on either a standard pc or if the application requires it and industrial pc cad/cam solution bilko can supply the smart cnc with or without lyncad® cad/cam software as required lyncad® is used to design parts in 2d or to import part drawings in a dxf format it then generates machine codes that is compatible with the smart cnc application mitsubishi electric is a world leader in

cnc technology built with a servo motion solution lynca smart cnc tcp/ip pci slot cc-link external io1 cc-link external io2 fx5 plc mr-mc2xx sscnetiii/h cc-link sscnetiii/h sscnetiii/h sscnetiii/h sscnetiii/h mr-j4-b mr-j4-b european offices mr-j4-b representatives russia geva wiener straße 89 a-2500 baden phone +43 02252 85 55 20 austria czech republic autocont c.s s.r.o kafkova 1853/3 cz-702 00 ostrava 2 phone +420 595 691 150 czech rep mitsubishi electric europe b.v radlická 751/113e avenir business park cz-158 00 praha 5 phone +420 251 551 470 spain mitsubishi electric europe b.v carretera de rubí 76-80 apdo 420 e-08190 sant cugat del vallés barcelona phone +34 0 93 5653131 ooo technikon prospect nezavisimosti 177-9 by-220125 minsk phone +375 017 393 1177 belarus hans fØlsgaard a/s theilgaards torv 1 dk-4600 køge phone +45 4320 8600 mitsubishi electric europe b.v 25 boulevard des bouvets f-92741 nanterre cedex phone +33 01 55 68 55 68 france mitsubishi