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maps visualisation solutions life-cycle engineering scada hmi reports and operational excellence for industrial applications process control automotive water wastewater life sciences food

maps – the future of process visualisation and productivity maps description create advanced secure and integrated solutions that deliver value to your business the maps scada maps hmi and related software products provide the latest automation software for general industrial users including water utilities telecommunications food and beverage manufacturing life sciences processing or building and facilities management industries maps is also built to deliver solutions around iiot applications maps takes raw data from the front end device like a programmable logic controller plc or remote telemetry unit rtu in the process field and transforms it into an easy to understand graphic representation whilst adding the ability to log history do alarming and process values maps system architecture maps scada helps identify and manage key factors such as quality production and energy efficiency which ultimately lead to greater business profits the maps scada is at the forefront of the

maps life-cycle engineering engineered to offer a fully integrated management solution maps mitsubishi adroit process suite can significantly reduce lifecycle engineering efforts and costs offering savings of up to 50 maps adds value throughout all the phases of the automation system project from process design to engineering development of the control systems installation commissioning startup and acceptance testing all the way through to operations maintenance repairs and ongoing upgrades unlike traditional scada programs maps delivers a tightly integrated scada and plc solution built around preconfigured and tested engineering libraries with a built-in full suite of diagnostics and maintenance tools and integrated document management capabilities reduced engineering costs engineering commissioning and maintenance costs can be considerably reduced with the preassembled modules and templates available in the maps library secure remote access modern communication solutions remote

maps hmi cloud connections maps hmi – low-cost rich functionality standalone version  unlimited data logging and historian functionality following market demands mitsubishi electric has created a rich functionality lower cost version of the highly successful maps scada to the market  easy upgrade path from maps hmi to maps scada the focus is the oem/machine builder and more simple hmi requirements that do not require the capabilities of the higher level maps software however unlike most competitive standalone solutions the maps hmi software allows users to license up to two remote operators/view clients this allows the user to have more visibility into the plant or machine being controlled this feature also allows the user to change the hmi project remotely with licensing options available for 150 300 750 or 1500 i/o scan points maps covers most of the requirements in the pc based hmi space in addition maps hmi supports simultaneous connections to over 100 different

transforming data into valuable information with adroit report suite each of the products within the maps product suite has a standard set of reports these standard reports include audit reports dblog and oee reports and are accessed through the adroit report suite dashboard adroit report suite is shipped with the software install disk and must be selected for installation when installing the maps product oee reports based on the built-in oee agent a matching oee report pack can be installed to automatically show a set of reports for the overall equipment efficiency standard report – dblog  dblog statistics – statistics on the log consistency and possible interruptions  dblog trend – trend any agent’s data being logged by the dblog agent standard report – audit  audit activity report – report on who when and what is happening to critical values in adroit  adroit session report – monitor server uptime configuration changes and

transforming data into valuable information with alarm management analysis adroit alarm management is a reporting tool that allows you to measure and report against world-class alarming standards and guidelines such as isa 18.2 and eemua 191 leading to higher efficiency quality and safety the reports available in adroit alarm management provide the tools necessary for alarm system performance measurement and improvement providing valuable insight into the alarm system these reports include an alarm system performance dashboard and a system performance comparison report to support continuous improvement initiatives with adroit alarm management and analysis the maintenance costs will be reduced and the performance of the plant drastically improved alarm analysis reports  bad actors report – bad actors are alarms that if not dealt with cause system degradation these alarms appear often and by eliminating underlying issues can improve system performance  alarm category

transforming data into valuable information with adroit scada intelligence adroit scada intelligence is where industrial automation and business intelligence bi meet adroit scada intelligence is an out-of-thebox data warehousing and business intelligence solution built on the proven microsoft bi platform data scada systems generate time-based historical data that needs to be processed some of the challenges faced when dealing with scada data includes the large amounts of unorganised data no context no relationship between the data and the business difficult to extract process and present the data and difficult to analyse the data the solution is data warehousing getting a solution up and running can be done in days rather than months saving enormous costs associated with normal enterprise reporting solutions information being built on the microsoft bi platform it allows users to take full advantage of the applications that leverage the technology when data is processed organised

mobility – monitor your plant building or assets on the move performance anywhere performance anywhere the maps webclient dashboard was designed to allow mobility it was developed with html5 and boasts its responsive design technology allowing you to access it from a desktop computer a laptop a tablet or your smartphone with performance anywhere you can have alarms events and plant data wherever you are at any given time being able to access your operation while on the move puts you closer to the process this allows for quicker diagnosis of any problems and as such quicker response to clear them you also have the ability to be on-hand at any difficult areas on the plant in order to experience the issue actively the performance anywhere application can be implemented with ease in any of industry’s sectors and is very well suited to distributed systems where reliance on web-based access to data is significant anywhere client licensed with a standard installation thereafter